Crossword No 11

Shared Words

As usual, each clue is in two parts – a synonym and a cryptic indication of the word.
The two parts share a word (or words) at the division between the two parts.

11        12                   
13  14        15                   
16      17        18        19       
20                  21  22    23   
24            25               
26                27           
Clues across
1Itís hot inside dilapidated place of worship (6)
5Frenziedly dopes-up a hut-ghost without a thought (8)
9Burst main swamps vehicle, having nothing but flour and water in the pipes! (8)
10Kicks out vice before holy man returns (6)
11Jazz fan holding shovel loves idle gossip (4)
12Twenty on table of results (10)
13High-flier (MA) has chair arranged (3,5,7)
16Jump about?  Certainly, when looking for enjoyment (8-7)
20Georgiaís garden I make out to be greater than it really is (10)
22Item of work leaving wok stark and battered (4)
24Wild pig knocks over lawyer across the Atlantic (6)
25Barrel without a top, Phil heard, ended empty (8)
26Change of scene takes ten days, maybe (8)
27Around the east of France, poor Len is to settle comfortably (6)
Clues down
2Ah!  The open country! (5)
3Clasp – itís moulded into shape (7)
4Unlawfully removes tile from run-down olí toilets (5)
5Undergarment to remove oneself, quietly? (4,3)
6Ice tree badly, getting only two-thirds of pay for work done (5-4)
7Minus two zeros?  Calamity being threatened (7)
8Train íteen to play host (9)
14Rotten bilge Iíll write, but whatís writ canít be read (9)
15I put fertiliser around Sidon, avoiding dinosaur (9)
17Badly-executed portrait is denied prime position in terminal building (7)
18Wren, we hear, ordered soup recipe – not person of fastidious nature (7)
19Seek bottle (broken), overlooking first, second and fifth of boilers (7)
21Broken line surrounds character, initially fairylike (5)
23Settle after being in melting-pot, yielding bit of tough alloy (5)

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