Crossword No 12 (fourth series)

11                  12         
13    14      15        16        17 
18              19             
20                  21         
22        23  24    25        26     
27                  28         

Clues across
9Delete part of Vera’s essay (5)
10“Whiskers” – French cat – is upset when rodent runs around (9)
11Con I’m on to, surprisingly staying at the same pitch (9)
12Danger for fairy before end of April (5)
13Mother of pearl found in northern Mediterranean port (5)
15Men rob men?  Maybe just one of those who never joined the club (3-6)
18Practise boxing, fall out and get the bird (7)
19Understand cutting tools are found in playground (7)
20Looked like Serb led me astray (9)
21Left-winger that is turning back?  Duck! (5)
22Roots out birds’ resting place (5)
24Bleat?  (On record-player or railway) (9)
27Pie covered with strange emetic – it may strike! (9)
28Two boys of monarch’s family (5)
Clues down
1He preaches, confusing remorse with sin (10)
2Learn, after heading off to get reward for efforts (4)
3Something to bang on when drunk with spirit (10)
4Captain of The Nautilus turns up – is this a portent? (4)
5Mythical smith with injured side treated rubber with sulphur (10)
6Cats and dogs, perhaps, turning up on threshold (4)
7Scratch table where results are displayed (10)
8Cover for face found in river valley, we hear (4)
14Rank apartments as centres of learning (10)
15Four points on correspondence presented in note sent to members of a specific group (10)
16Place sodium or carbon, for instance, on a railway – it’s easy! (10)
17In a shy manner, booked two characters in middle of analysis (10)
22Ceremonial observance has engineers absorbing information technology (4)
23Try, initially, to copy record (4)
25Hazard to shipping – or not, we’re told (4)
26Barks from laurel trees (4)

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