Crossword No 13 (fourth series)

11      12                     
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19         
20    21        22        23  24    25 
26              27             

Clues across
1Typical agent (14)
9Ali, Tim and I become armed civilians (7)
10Porridge prepared at North Pole (7)
11Do something in heart of reactor (3)
12Cyprian pill is abused, mainly (11)
13Weep about first of remarks in publisherís puff (5)
15Plot to provide a share (9)
18Sort of notebook seen in autumn? (5-4)
19Surrender return from shares (5)
20Senior relative is a leading lepidopterist? (11)
24Sink back and gossip (3)
26These women sort man out! (7)
27Upset thing that is worn by lady when retiring (7)
28Lancashire town Isaac lit badly, being concerned with the church (14)
Clues down
1Peculiar graduate seen at a dance (5)
2Uproot Lib to form Communist policy committee (9)
3Hinder preparation of pesto (5)
4Period with acid rising up, note.  Clear out! (9)
5Headís in charge of subject for discussion (5)
6They leapt about as a means of communication (9)
7Resin in French wine overcoming unknown pupil (5)
8Dairy cat could become a pillar of the church! (8)
13Soccer or tennis, perhaps?  Itís something else in the USA! (4,4)
14Break open old barrel to provide basis for snack (5,4)
16Mistakenly shun fatal airline (9)
17Vigorous vice-regent loses head and gets confused (9)
21Huge, missing gig or caper (5)
22So, as I wander in the desert, a place of refreshment appears (5)
23Correct girth Ė it needs changing (5)
25Alloy found in waste electrical goods (5)

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