Crossword No 14 (fourth series)

10            11               
12                    13       
14  15        16            17       
18      19  20        21        22   
23                24           
25            26               

Clues across
8Birdís very cross, love (8)
9Leaders of European Union turn out?  Thatís false! (6)
10The Parisianís seen in wrecked tank Ė wearing this ornamental chain? (6)
11Walking as ducks do, looking into nesting ground initially (8)
12Into travel?  Confused?  Need fresh air?  Get this! (10)
13Hold firmly to travelling-bag (4)
14Suffering from being penniless?  Hereís poor stateís ruse with two points (7-8)
18A bad case, hidden up oneís sleeve? (4)
20Assistance for the aurally-impaired?  He has a loop to help (7-3)
23Musical drama Edward conducted (8)
24Train? Half of train bound for Chattanooga found in outskirts of Seoul (6)
25In short, German carís first-class when reversing in ancient kingdom (6)
26Ron means to become a Viking (8)
Clues down
1Tart, for example, turning up on edge of plate (6)
2Transmute element (not nitrogen) to pancake (8)
3Cause the mind to absorb characters in list, as ordered (6)
4Nevertheless due to sitting? (15)
5Killer upsets oil barrel over queen Ė twice! (8)
6A convict buried under street in prison camp (6)
7Rotate weapon in road (8)
15Busy, having a tenant (8)
16Territorial Army hit Scotsman Ė an islander (8)
17Chew Lego for a change?  This has plenty of teeth! (8)
19Is lorry hit? (6)
21Put in place, Iím leaving minister in disarray (6)
22Drab osier bed holds back pressure line (6)

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