Crossword No 15 (fourth series)

10        11          12       
13  14        15      16    17       
18            19               
20      21  22        23  24    25   
26                27           

Clues across
1Irascible, lively – then moderated (5-8)
8Touched gently in passing, desk is broken (6)
9Girl joins a group of families, making a bitter harangue (8)
10Moat’s pumped out to find tiny particle (4)
11Traps upset fish (5)
12Value speed (4)
13Having the function of recommending eye protection during bad day (8)
16Wayward Gran in charge?  That could get your heart doing this! (6)
18Postscript: Unknown rebel provides spirit (6)
19Hate rent terribly – give warning of dire consequences (8)
20Equestrian equipment kept in groom’s purse (4)
22Warm coat personal assistant wrapped round toy ship containing animals (5)
24It’s hot round south for army (4)
26Came later and flowed round centre of hole (8)
27Stole – arrested! (6)
28Terrifies Stan, perhaps, but unlikely to burst into flames (4-9)
Clues down
1Walk out gripping enemy leader – not a word! (5)
2Monica’s in trouble – she can’t sleep (9)
3Eastern market-place is overturned whilst holding dervishes, initially to gain prestige (5)
4Rather old tree on outskirts of Langley (7)
5He renders and fixes broken limbs (9)
6It’s even more uncommon in Harare region (5)
7Girl coming out as Italian poet holds up London Underground (9)
14Sort of pud, when stirred, becomes impervious to motes (9)
15Open throttle too wide and reduce to helplessness (9)
17Companion of Honour at a church, aching to give up gin cocktail and have a dance (3-3-3)
19I stared, producing strings of invectives (7)
21With which to measure monarch? (5)
23Silver and three points for woman (5)
25S-shut up – it’s wasted (5)

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