Crossword No 16 (fourth series)

11          12                 
13    14        15      16        17 
18          19                 
20        21        22  23    24     
25          26                 
27                  28         

Clues across
1Vagrant to catch around first of March (5)
4Practised returning coffin to vehicle? (9)
9Bah!  Our pies made from this spurge! (9)
10Make deep noise in throat, to get bigger with opening of larynx (5)
11Time to muse? (5)
12Mind lentil etc in stew (9)
13One divulging information in bar with surprising relish (9)
16Hostelry humour heard as a joke (2,3)
18Material seen in many London shops (5)
19He keeps a record of rare grits, perhaps (9)
20Tool for making instruments sharp dampens quality of sound, were told (9)
23Colour of old photographs held by coarse pianist (5)
25Check, seizing good period in office (5)
26I entangle to disentangle, lacking refinement (9)
27See boss jump, given this advantage (4,5)
28Hell fix your piano, rotating nut with some hesitation (5)
Clues down
1Then Europe (except East) changed immediately (9)
2Greek character retained by medical pharmacist (5)
3In favour of proposal for a sales gimmick (9)
4Religious leader cuts tail off animal (5)
5Hot soil on mat  its placed in front of fire (9)
6An alternative leg provided for messenger (5)
7Dubious proof Kens chosen (6,3)
8Nimble-fingered, holding first of Limoges pottery (5)
14Ella and Brian trained this dancer (9)
15Instrument provided by chairman, getting upset about nothing (9)
16Ten sit-ins arranged, demanding attention (9)
17Gale from cold quarter blowing oer astern (3-6)
20Throw off value (5)
21Cavity is turned up by student body (5)
22Happening in seven towns (5)
24Ordinary flat country (5)

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