Crossword No 18 (fourth series)

10              11             
12                  13         
14    15        16  17    18         
19        20  21    22        23     
24              25             
26                27         

Clues across
7Cartoon animal messing up lot (5)
8Declamatory words spoken thrice or changed (8)
1022 ruined a sailing event (7)
11Spoil most of filament and arouse strong emotion (7)
12Play the host and treat nine, getting drunk (9)
13Illuminated tulip, wilting (3,2)
14Visitors in bingo hall? (7)
17Mob rage in riot – ban needed! (7)
19Bicker in popular guest-house (5)
21Old-fashioned answer to question: “Where did this stone come from?” (3,2,4)
24Vividly descriptive of father leaving grappa followed by partly-suppressed hiccup (7)
25Root for left-winger (7)
26Separated, Sidney turns back on Mediterranean island (8)
27We hear you are buried in hat – that’s melodramatically sensational! (5)
Clues down
1Ovum turns up inside fruit with hard shell – is it gold? (6)
2Romantic music, cert non-U, maybe (8)
3Give a District Attorney weapons for navy (6)
4Injured, I face end showing brave contempt (8)
5Crash of July making you happy (6)
6Girl’s flower is a calamity (8)
7Organ transplant or a deal for a new car? (4-8)
9Black stone pushed along like an aircraft (3-9)
15Record cabinet initially put on top of a bin in rude dwelling (3,5)
16Drove furiously, getting singed (8)
18Be with crazy dud elf and confuse with drink (8)
20Itches to change moral code (6)
22Great confusion before start of tournament, shooting at this (6)
23Agreement about a line, we hear (6)

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