Crossword No 20 (fourth series)

10                          11               
12            13              14           
15          16          17        18           
19  20      21    22            23      24       
25                  26  27                   
28                    29                   
30        31            32          33       
34      35        36      37    38            39   
40          41  42              43           

Clues across
10Whats on your mind?  Heres a lady to think about! (1,5,3,4,8)
12Fit a new string and enter it in the log (6)
13Cups set out for someone the police have their eye on (7)
14Violent fire raging at Anglican church (6)
15Pickling food before dishing it out? (10)
17Those who are accepted go to joint to show state of belonging (10)
19Paid like a professional to provide sustenance (4)
21Surprisingly, cannot steer, so fill with dismay (11)
24Wise mans herb (4)
25Working around disreputable tart  magnetic! (10)
27Choose to have Ronald in charge, concerned with charged particles (10)
28Providing shelter in rough barn I renovated (10)
29Tipsy idler staggered in a lively fashion (10)
30There, mostly, but not there! (4)
31Table by well provides jumping-off point (11)
33Acquire knowledge, heading off to make money (4)
34Ephemeral relationship getting rid of one bedside table (10)
37Green cures could be making a come-back (10)
40Centre of activity has to put lid on wheel trim (6)
42Secluded trap Ive opened (7)
43Lurking in parade to urge change of route (6)
44What keeps the British fit?  A horse-race, something to drink and waiting at table! (8,6,7)
Clues down
1A seaside feature, we hear, is to come into view (6)
2Popular Conservative team has rabble losing first of batsmen  its not worth bothering about! (14)
3Coloured and expired, its said (4)
4A bison chewed up this small tree (6)
5Look at location, were told, using this (8)
6Smart perukes restyled in these establishments (12)
7Well-to-do person seen in part of France (4)
8Ferocious woman is a heraldic symbol (6)
9A leg as a small Christmas gift? (8-6)
11Sort of pole to carry a thousand (5)
16Secure Oscar working for these sports venues (11)
18Intend fever to disperse?  This will help you to discover whats happening (5,6)
20Ever lax, haircut is ruined when outside spaceship (14)
22Modified ioniser is making more din (7)
23A busted crime and a great continent (7)
24Keep investigator in cupboard?  Hes one of those patrolling 6 (5,9)
26Source of power behind golf club  what every little boy used to dream of becoming (6,6)
32Learn ABC, but get letters mixed up  what a goose! (8)
35When upset, the Commander-in-Chief becomes agitated (6)
36A native of northern Scandinavia pops up to shock (5)
38Look at the boil! (6)
39Take first of cream and churn; stir and crush with harsh noise (6)
41Brief pain produced by Greek god (leader of gods) (4)
43Pair of singers appearing in due time (4)

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