Crossword No 21 (fourth series)

10  11 
12                  13                     
14                      15                 
16                          17            18 
19    20      21                  22    23     
24        25      26                27         
28                    29      30             
31        32  33            34      35         
36    37          38            39        40     
41                  42                    43 
44                      45                 

Clues across
12Fond of copying, but confused at Item VII (9)
13 At first after spectacular robbery, one state has no belief in a god (11)
14I dry Pooh-Bah roughly – he has this fear of water (11)
15Low-ranking soldier meets the Queen (he’s a pirate!) (9)
16Certain to be included in treat, then wander about to get precious objects unearthed (8,5)
17Fish for pin (7)
19Do better than others hiding in Essex cellar (5)
21Scotsman turns back, then record is broken – this will create a new record (9)
22Getting up to toll about one, or chime about nothing? (5)
24Putting ear on each side of partition initially makes a sound-blocker (7)
26Mafia godfather could be the stand-in for a head of state (4-9)
28Red boor’s pulse is erratic when doctor checks this (5,8)
30Why an A1 renovated vehicle appears in a famous picture (3,4)
31Employers are drug-addicts (5)
33Carry vapours for individuals designated by a tribal symbol (9)
35Popular help returns in sub-continent (5)
36Rescue student held by primitive man (7)
38Failing to appear, Annette and Con are in trouble (3-10)
41Arab held by chance, mainly, in old motor coach (9)
42Vigorous rubbing – or lubricant used by the Spanish violinist? (5,6)
44A doctorate?  That’s torture! (5,6)
45Putting a roof on that feature?  Good! (9)
Clues down
1Short period of darkness is approaching (4)
2Start fire for family led astray (6)
3Drink heartily with first of lovers – on this merry-go-round? (8)
4Spot that woman’s musical instrument (6)
5Part of speech at one meeting initially is repeated word for word (8)
6A zoo place I turned out, being concerned with fossil rocks (10)
7Her sheep-dip’s made into a tasty dish! (9,3)
8Equestrian wear it could be describing here (6-8)
9Made like a rope and stuck on the beach (8)
10Second revolutionary placed over yours truly – that’s the plan! (6)
11Oddly, roubles turn up in imputation of wrongdoing (4)
16Approximately at that place a boxing contest’s to be seen (11)
18Bird noted for singing in high wind during hours of darkness?  Just the reverse! (11)
20Metal bar is put in core to go rusty (7)
21People rolling up will need this – repeat price tag, perhaps? (9,5)
23Country where anger has to settle (7)
25Laid without a cover (3)
26Means of showing that one has called – or a comedian dropping in? (8,4)
27Plant in Privy Council (3)
29Arrange me under Ann?  How rude! (10)
32Found on a hospital ship heading this way on leaving land? (8)
34Sits, we hear, above Somerset town, in therapeutic hot water (4,4)
35In credit, but not in a straightforward manner (8)
37Introductory question about propelling pencil? (4-2)
39“Cover up Wren exploded” – Associated Press (6)
40Vitamin in can I chucked out (6)
41Characters in love quit speed in big town (4)
43Therefore giant turns up (4)

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