Crossword No 22 (fourth series)

            10    11   
12                    13                   
14                15                       
16  17                  18                19   
20          21      22        23               
24                    25                   
26                        27               
28              29      30        31           
32  33                      34            35   
36                    37                   
38            39              40           

The solution to 32 across is an accepted alternative spelling.

Clues across
1Design on skin is rubbish, what’s more (6)
5Like some well-furnished trees, or a thicker book? (7)
9Reveal one-time attitude (6)
12Gamble about request at dance – it’s just a game! (10)
13Nothing in radar plot confused traffic police (4,6)
14Ralph cut out Greek historian (8)
15Messed with red cop, perhaps, as a diver is treated after returning to the surface (12)
16Top factory seen above ship’s waterline (10)
18We’re told to change chessman for art work at east end of church (10)
20Make tea, it’s said, followed by laughter and fuss (8)
22Start to make remarks about adhesive, mainly (12)
24Graceful in speech: “Springs acceptable inside enclosure” (4-6)
25Pirates screen Cuba for disruption (10)
26Like a maze set out in thin barley (12)
27Spry maid wandering, seen in North Africa (8)
28Releasing can, I hung in awkwardly (10)
30Shape one headland showing signs of decay (10)
32Musician fiddles off main ranch (12)
34Make a promise to marry a very loud Scot at church (8)
36Latitude, perhaps, for decoration to be changed (10)
37Began to dig in ear carelessly (10)
38Wearing fewer clothes as instruction? (6)
39Following directions, taken to court (7)
40Welcomes in England and weeps in Scotland (6)
Clues down
2It’s said a face-covering’s to prove effective (5)
3Face up to danger and remove the excessive spit-and-polish by some of the brass section (4,3,4,2,3,5)
4Not the way to raise house plants – they may get too big like this (7)
5Grub protecting motor-cyclist? (7-6)
6Refers to ocean coming up round inverted mat (7)
7Reliable car I’m changing can’t be won back (13)
8Let in again to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (7)
9Throne in Imperial Palace would make prime horse-car (8,5)
10Unusually, magistrates open a man up – purple crystalline disinfectant needed (9,12)
11South, north or east – sound asleep? (5)
17Fine pottery broken – no replica (9)
19Paths of instantaneous centres of rotation or descent, maybe (9)
21A crazy fictional imp provides increase in volume (13)
22Found on submarines – for studying tugs? (7,6)
23Untidy giant cleans up, sealing up rubbish like this? (13)
29Copy one friend holding it (7)
30“Change” is aim of members of criminal organisation (7)
31Resisting authority, dying to hold two notes (7)
33A barrier, we hear, to love (5)
35Teach badly and deceive (5)

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