Crossword No 24 (fourth series)

12        13          14          15       
16                17          18           
19  20          21          22            23   
24      25          26                       
27          28              29    30           
31                32    33      34    35       
36  37          38          39            40   
41        42          43          44       

Clues across
11Local pit I organised and put right in advance of directions (the last one twice) – hardly an instance of this! (9,11)
12Keep quiet, followed by two ducks?  Get away! (4)
13America, for example, reversing custom (5)
14Unfortunate stain seen in material (5)
15United in changing diet (4)
16Wickedly, Jane apes one from the far east (8)
17We hear one deriding coffee (5)
18It holds back contented sound, so break in! (6)
19Paintings displayed in Baden-Baden, say, and part of ancient Greece (6)
21Steer with this – beheaded, it provides source of nourishment for calf (5)
22Some think it could be “older egg”,
But others say it’s maybe “gored leg” (8)
24Lively main date – lively, indeed! (8)
26Daughter nods, playing ‘battleships’ (12)
27Wandering about after dark, we’re told – like Don Quixote? (6,6)
29Demanding payment for one-time performance with gin cocktail (8)
31One dwelling in a block is a temporary dwelling housing European chaps (8)
32Despises haste when moving south (5)
34Went into outskirts of Thornbury to get score (6)
36Most of noisy four return – what a sight! (6)
38Relation seen in Mediterranean resort, taking Ecstasy (5)
39Fix it round most of reef to provide way of escape from danger (4,4)
41Small amount to let fall (4)
42Antelope found in New York and part of Alabama (5)
43Garment suitable for wear in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square (5)
44Bird on top of fence (4)
45“Everyone gets fatter that finish up dandy” – Shakespeare (4,4,4,4,4)
Clues down
1Islamic sect takes in work for this woman (6)
2Prehistoric animal is around, metamorphosed (8)
3Officer substituting for householder (10)
4Friend accompanied by expert in bishop’s residence (6)
5Yelled, upset, “Scared me!” (8)
6Angry, up-to-date and a hazard to swimmers (5-7)
7After re-organisation, NHS fled East End, displaying awkward style (4-10)
8Ready to receive orders – maybe coming before “attention” (8,2)
9Boxer in state of turmoil and heaviness (12)
10Dormant?  Due for a shake-up, please! (6)
20Last letter comes out of Cornish port, making show of sorrow for misdeeds (7)
21Placed below platform and fit – is that comprehensible? (14)
23Like 2, submerged in murex tincture (7)
25Attractive perch on top of the world (8,4)
26Fine paid for dying?  Or the alternative to life? (5,7)
28Hunt knew no changes – it’s beyond our ken! (3,7)
30Later, following protégés (10)
33Loathes piano drowning actor (8)
35Often raised by intellectuals lacking aspiration, it’s said (8)
37Where cars should be driven to make an incursion (6)
39Umpire turns up holding a weapon – in one of this man’s fields? (6)
40The Spanish about here in France reversed, getting 41s frozen (6)

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