Crossword No 28 (fourth series)

11            12              13           
15  16      17        18  19                20   
21      22    23      24            25  26       
27              28      29                   
31                    32                   
33        34              35               
36      37    38          39        40  41       
42                    43                44   
45            46              47           

Clues across
11She has love with nothing omitted to put on one side (6)
12A modern band initially engaged in tour to find a drum (7)
13Story returned to editor, puffed up with success (6)
14Economic and social changes due to uprising in the factory? (10,10)
15Make unexpected discovery in Khafre’s pyramid (4)
17Want heat?  Here’s the Royal Marines! (5)
19Provide low wind resistance, upsetting master in front of queue (10)
21Thick slice of bread entrances backward pet (8)
24Came to grips with equine equipment and went first (7)
26Graduate: “Information technology provides temptation” (4)
27Shortage?  I feed cynic somehow (10)
29Held spellbound in dilapidated rented hall (10)
30Cover fifty-one with five hundred (3)
31State misusing African oil (10)
32Apprenticed at home, having false teeth? (10)
33Missile for shooting garden pest (4)
34Middle-easterner decapitated old Prime Minister (7)
35Stone found in a street in which thyme is sprinkled (8)
36Leaders idolise art in a way (10)
39Developed a seed which brought relief (5)
41We’re told to lift up beams (4)
42Overweight member of specific country with something he’s made displays measure of that country’s worth (5,8,7)
45Cleansed battered headgear found in garden plot (6)
46Garland to be worn?  Certainly – in free time (7)
47Taking part in rogue’s caper?  Get away! (6)
Clues down
1Deliberately avoid Huns when last goes first (4)
2Gloomy and noisy in Cyprus (6)
3Have short month with alien in orchestral group (6)
4Start the music and madly skip – true! (6,2)
5Radical girl with first of lovers (4)
6Comic fined; I sneer, switching discipline used to provide information in court of law (8,8)
7Remould a part?  Remould to make it thick-skinned (6-6)
8Unable to change opacity of the cornea (6)
9Coming from centre, artist has to initiate phone call (6)
10Blood vessel shows the way the wind’s blowing, it’s said (4)
16Was uncooperative when asked “How would you describe this old cottage?” (11)
18Alcohol medley that confused ghost (10,6)
20Silently lessens oily mixture (11)
22Complaining bitterly about barrier (7)
23Gravestone inscription found in lot I turned over in port (7)
25Angered, upset (7)
26We hear farm animal has to hurry to get water-plant (7)
28A noble banker turns out to be indestructible (3-9)
35Sailor cleared up mystery – pardoned (8)
37Spoils prize (6)
38Strange desire to live (6)
40Lifeboat placed in study to create a deeper shade (6)
41With regard to Mussolini – get some weight off! (6)
42Equipment found next to box in car (4)
43We French reveal common sense (4)
44Deal successfully with vestment (4)

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