Crossword No 13

11              12             
13                  14         
15    16        17        18         
19        20  21    22        23     
24              25            26 
27                  28         
Clues across
9Smell of a city (Italian) (5)
10Lion, perhaps, has her in east – tied to a wheel? (9)
11Because the Parisianís inside, we have quiet (7)
12Pasta dish found in dip in country road (7)
13Snap quickly into meal (9)
14How trapeze artistes show recklessness for band accompanying their act? (5)
15Heís not yet the boss – except for a moment, perhaps (6-2-7)
19Space encountered by insect (5)
21Friends retreat, glad to be so carefree (4-5)
24Prickly shrub, having caught first and last characters, is to be put in fire-basket (7)
25Fasteners for clothes wrapped round broken leg (7)
27Less onerous period of time taken to go a great distance (5-4)
28Iíve pulled out of nose-dive – pride, itís said (5)
Clues down
1Broken wells found in gap between mountain peaks (4)
21 down with story for dog (6)
3Little chap – chap with Ulster family (8)
4Rash to provide city with winding labyrinth (6)
5Going in for the Olympics?  Itís hell, mostly, exercising in upper room (8)
6Something to learn – wear fewer clothes (6)
7State airline has first-class return (8)
8Played ĎTreeí badly over and over again (10)
13Black stable (not first of choices) is turned out for a game (10)
16Eccentric tiresome person, weíre told, provides series of operations designed to achieve objective (8)
17Damaged tender is slotted into place (8)
18Want some wood?  Hereís a pig surrounded by a lot (8)
20Want a drink?  Forget the soda at first – my age is showing! (6)
22Players, or cast, maybe (6)
23Put a gloss on foreign language (6)
26Team dies when in trouble (4)

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