Crossword No 33 (fourth series)

                10    11 
12                  13                     
14                      15                 
16            17  18          19            20 
21        22  23    24              25         
26                    27              28     
30    31      32                  33         
34        35      36        37  38    39         
40            41      42        43             
44                      45                 
46                              47         

Clues across
1Intimidated, company joined with another (5)
4Job for tonsorial artist failing to start atmospheric control (3-12)
12Georgia’s decomposing – the result of this form of killing? (9)
13Leader of terrorists holds men and women – local citizens (11)
14Monica trims out this style of literature (11)
15Clothing with room for expansion – or suitable for a moon-walk? (9)
16Beat chap’s angular function (7)
18Windy bloke seen around street (5)
19One possessing certain knowledge rides in unexpectedly (7)
21Priest, note, is the best (5)
23One enrolling again in group holding first of demonstrations provides a sharp reply (9)
25Literary flourish backfires (5)
26Drops seven, perhaps, and goes into debt (10)
27Cleanser makes hot teapots crack (10)
30Took drugs from weirdos Edward recommended (5)
32Strain too hard to get English king into open (9)
33Hebrew character has drink at public house, initially (5)
34Suffer pain, being in the red.  Got there? (7)
36Described a tumble, concealing a baseline (5)
38Red prop could be associated with eye or name (7)
40Ten operas are translated into this language (9)
42Slowing down, household god returns to period of fasting, and gets nothing (11)
44Partner in Presidential election pouring tea (7,4)
45Knock ballerina?  She’s not one of the corps de ballet! (3-6)
46Father’s vile vats are opened in church celebration (7,8)
47Bird’s nest, weird by the sound of it (5)
Clues down
1Device to keep one away from tobacco? (9,6)
2Moral kink we straightened out – that’s well performed! (11)
3Relaxation of strained relations caused when temporary dwelling is found in river (7)
4Somali bigwig presents plea of being elsewhere (5)
5Failing to start boasting and teasing (7)
6“Misty!” we’re told when spirit measure goes round, happy that glass is half full (10)
7Congenital disease affected my son – send word! (5,8)
8Stood on her head, she could be something worth having! (5)
9Cricket teams and cans need them (7)
10One confining rascal with nothing below (9)
11Weep and make welcome (5)
17Floret he’d changed to add two more (9)
19Annoyed, tried unsuccessfully to get round Rita (9)
20A sorbet, perhaps, taken to bring one up to standard (9,6)
22Newspaperman circumnavigating rough sea is relieved (5)
24Wickedly, Ada coveted jug for lawyer (5-8)
25Colour of old photograph in which one’s held by climbing primates (5)
28Dormant vehicle on the railway? (8,3)
29Gambler intended losing article for improvement (10)
31One willing to divide possessions holding pen and grindstone, say (9)
35Leading lady takes one drug after another (7)
37Russian politician famous for his cocktails (7)
39Walk faster than cute old age pensioner, maybe (7)
40Planet’s broken heart (5)
41Sir Galahad, perhaps, losing his head in the dark (5)
43Drive out from Essex, pell-mell (5)

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