Crossword No 34 (fourth series)

12            13              14           
15          16          17        18           
19  20      21    22            23      24       
25                  26  27                   
28                    29                   
30        31            32          33       
34      35        36      37    38            39   
40          41  42              43           

Clues across
11Sudden bursting into flames could provide compensation bonus to us (11,10)
12Referee involved in gamble is deprived by death of close relative (6)
13Males or males and people in general? (7)
14Ah!  Mast is broken!  Write a complaint! (6)
15Magnet Fredís smashed into bits (10)
17Exuding moisture, piper grins unexpectedly (10)
19Novel girl (4)
21Two directions sent by one friend in principle (11)
24Willing to play this? (4)
25In confusion, ill-treat us to provide examples (10)
27Severe sentence, perhaps, initially hinders a Roman soldier hacking with broken sword (5,5)
28Upsetting bird I stung (10)
29Sly, keeping pixie smaller in altruistic manner (10)
30Urges and engages, oddly (4)
31Half of 26 seen joining European circle for this profession (11)
33Dining room is in untidy state (4)
34Unlikely to be brought in from abroad? (10)
37Raver, attending place of worship, becomes a devout person (10)
40CIA agent, hanging round shelter, is tired (6)
42Greek character, before echoing catís contented sound, makes clucking noise (7)
43Bee or kazoo (6)
44Prison with modified rate takes devil to beach with little hesitation (which was to be shown) (4,4,13)
Clues down
1Turn up an equal, weíre told (6)
2Studentsí guard sauntered awkwardly (14)
3Dilapidated seat found in this direction (4)
4One unit of heat arranged for someone living alone (6)
5Excited after pressing switch (6,2)
6Achieves and compiles cash, maybe (12)
7Heartless soldier holds donkey in chimney (6)
8Take a bath with a wind instrument? (4)
9Revolves backwards without energy?  No, it doesnít revolve (6)
10Control centres order mules to take an overdose (7,7)
16Create jet so badly, this is needed! (7,4)
18One suffering from a behavioural disorder has sound reasoning concerning the science of the mind (11)
20Extract money, say, in good sitting-room found on dairy farm (7,7)
22Remaining to carol around river (7)
23Siren ranks learning above necklace (7)
24Unfortunately, Zoe maligns gays in expensive periodical (6,8)
26Source of power over club Ė every little boy wanted to be one! (6,6)
32Cart goes wild?  No, itís a slow mover! (8)
35Old film starís areas of expertise (6)
36Witch upset English cheat (6)
38His pup turns out to be pretentious (6)
39Attractive girl mixes up the old fuel (6)
41Cart reverses into enclosed space (4)
43Sharp point that is missing from doll (4)

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