Crossword No 35 (fourth series)

            10    11   
12                    13                   
14                15                       
16  17                  18                19   
20          21      22        23               
24                    25                   
26                        27               
28              29      30        31           
32  33                      34            35   
36                    37                   
38            39              40           

Clues across
1Country almost in charge of this script (6)
5Tuneful old mice run around (7)
9Anaesthetic for count (6)
12Free from prejudice, having brain surgery? (4-6)
13Crane and truck in collision – sweet, we hear! (10)
14Financial statements are just stories! (8)
16Holy hippos go off in pursuit of wisdom (10)
18Crumpled gory shirts?  Not something pleasant to look at! (5,5)
20Assailant causes ragged tear, holding small nail (8)
22Swap components – one way to get a different car (4,8)
24Put water on weights, we’re told – they’ll keep things sharp (10)
25Forces flee in disarray and break out in powdery rash (10)
26Is he in charge of 27's activities?  Or a deputy for the head of a committee? (4-8)
27Her 4 make appointments by phone in state with broken grill (4-4)
28When upset, dandies get named (10)
30Originality of peacekeepers with one ship holding distraught queen (10)
32Pale naval chief seen flapping about in woodland (5,7)
34Daisy, in cathedral city, heads in this direction (8)
36Fruit’s bad in Spanish city (10)
37Choices about period of time for military tasks (10)
38Wild rave held in outskirts of town – in this establishment? (6)
39Cads cut tops off pigs’ feet (7)
40Young bird is agile, losing heart when caught by alien (6)
Clues down
2Subject for discussion taken from introduction to picture (5)
3Easiest course of action presented by troops in weak battle formation (4,2,5,10)
4Eastwood’s going round east to get customers (7)
5Unusually, I dampen odours with this way of working (5,8)
6Boy has unknown period of time on 25 March (4,3)
7He looks down in the mouth, converting enlarged snout (6,7)
8He may deal with rats and trap queen (7)
9Young children are taught here to take care of line over shoal of fish (7,6)
10Profession of those designing gear-boxes, say, or managing licence in here, perhaps (10,11)
11First lady sits on National Trust to organise this, maybe (5)
17Strike at church, then go for a tramp – relying on rule of thumb? (5-4)
19Aces, kings or jokers taking drugs (4,5)
21Indoor and outdoor domestic locations where herbs are found (7-6)
22This style of painting torments Prado, unfortunately (10,3)
23Fees?  Five cents could achieve success in producing a result! (13)
29Acrobat often full of drink (7)
30Release Leo on us (7)
31Treat in a supercilious manner when pugs eat sloppily (7)
33Anglo-Saxon invader was almost ashore, but got confused (5)
35End breaks off surgeon’s instrument – but one could still stab with it! (5)

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