Crossword No 36 (fourth series)

10  11 
12                  13                     
14                      15                 
16                          17            18 
19    20      21                  22    23     
24        25      26                27         
28                    29      30             
31        32  33            34      35         
36    37          38            39        40     
41                  42                    43 
44                      45                 

Clues across
12Romans in a strange republic? (3,6)
13Sir’s table is rocky, but these will make it steady (11)
14European, and what he says when having his photograph taken: “It’s full of holes!” (5,6)
15Figures seen in confused interwoven masses round US state (9)
16A satiric re-run presented as a short play before the main performance (7-6)
17One often drills holes for holding this climbers’ aid (7)
19I leave Daniel in confusion with this animal (5)
21Tend us, mistakenly hiding in bag in parliament (9)
22Exhausted swan found in street (5)
24Misusing euros, he is to move to a new location (7)
26Train me badly, stuck between two identical hospital departments.  Find it amusing? (13)
28Hannah used rod to break pub sign (4,3,6)
30A saxophone has been described as one “that nobody blows good” (3,4)
31Carry out check on car before start of tour (5)
33Ann breaks out of US state (9)
35Punctuation mark found in digestive system (5)
36Nonsense muttered by actors (7)
38Volatile artist’s medium of the mind (13)
41Renew moat?  Perhaps something else that’s full of holes! (4-5)
42Team followed is diverted (11)
44Adventure film abuses eel in hot tub (4,3,4)
45Essex vice could be OTT (9)
Clues down
1Fool grabs king making requests (4)
2Outcrop of older rock surrounded by younger river flowing in Irish Republic, initially . . . (6)
3. . . and that’s upset this old-fashioned piece of furniture (8)
4Compound of fungi and algae growing in crooked line round church (6)
5Give early notice of disaster for a Wren (8)
6Evaluation of idiots by men in street (10)
7Naval petty officer could be smart as tamer (6-2-4)
8Daintiest O-ring is falling apart (14)
9Flies round pub, showing gains from gambling (8)
10Trader, we’re told, is in the basement (6)
11Egyptian goddess?  One’s in existence (4)
16Open the window to simplify the situation (5,3,3)
18Relating to width of a dull Titian, maybe (11)
20Stuck with disturbed red-head (7)
21Simple food provides a livelihood (5-3-6)
23Unfreeze Kiel canal – the prophet’s trapped! (7)
25Woman chops head off large fish (3)
26Cut up a brittle onyx in 45 manner (12)
27River cut short, producing nothing (3)
29Narrow escapes for stingy young ladies (4,6)
32Ridiculous parody of carrier holding undergarment (8)
34Need to be in part of castle?  This may describe the moat (4-4)
35Sacs veer off into deep cleft (8)
37Go faster and improve (6)
39Fasten on to Tom, say, turning up in battered headgear (6)
40Deceive and absorb (4,2)
41We hear aquatic mammal cry (4)
43Passed on and coloured, it’s said (4)

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