Crossword No 1 (fifth series)

11            12               
13      14        15  16        17   
19  20        21      22    23       
24            25               
Clues across
8Dutch trousers sometimes having added glory (13)
9One underweight newspaperman’s landed (8)
10Hot news!  International cricket match in California! (6)
11Off key – that’s how it sounds to Alan, perhaps (6)
12Keep an eye on Fido – he’s probably got his eye on you! (8)
13Convoluted question, missing nothing in judicial proceedings (7)
15Laid back after student body returns old timepiece (7)
19Goats in a riot?  Capital! (8)
22“Provoke imaginative penetration!” we’re told (6)
24Rook, given directions, makes king (6)
25Quietly set aside to keep safe (8)
26Terrifies ants, possibly – like a bullet-proof vest? (4-9)
Clues down
1Untie knot?  Else it’s something hidden in the cupboard (8)
2Weapon on fighter-plane? (3-3)
3Parody taking time before the French game (8)
4American lawyer involved in unseemly scrap?  It could be boring! (7)
5Glass from Shakespearian theatre wrecked on third of October (6)
6Eat away with acid inside battered desk, roughly drawn (8)
7Very quick sauce poured over ravioli for starters (6)
14Inconvenient, unfitting and going away? (8)
16“Cosmos” – a poem with no breaks? (8)
17Fourth part of play at Elsinore finally set in motion (8)
18Scoop me out and put together (7)
20A bank of snow out of control (6)
21Declare: “A sure winner!” (6)
23Races wildly around a ruler (6)

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