Crossword No 2 (fifth series)

10              11             
12                  13         
14    15        16  17    18         
19        20  21    22        23     
24              25             
26                27         
Clues across
7Soprano, say, starts orphan in immoral habit (5)
8We hear “Turns and skewers,” for instance (8)
10Freeze with withering glance about nothing (7)
11Get rid of erupting boils?  Ha! (7)
12Lunar tuna?  Very strange! (9)
13Fool switching tango to mike, in a manner of speaking (5)
14Private investigator (Eastern European) with dye, getting drunk (3-4)
17Protection of French barrier (7)
19Machine’s broken, losing an arrangement of bells (5)
21Steal designations and jocular titles (9)
24Officers’ flags (7)
25Reversed after failing to start, then reversed upsetting queen – worthy of reward? (7)
26At peace, ran round crumpled bedspread?  No, the other way round! (8)
27Furnish, causing pique, unfortunately (5)
Clues down
1Small and dainty Russian plane?  “No!” cry the French (6)
2Not long ago, trust seen to be holding little money (8)
3Facing for wall consisting of residue from fire supported by household god (6)
4Clean and mad (deranged), but handcuffed (8)
5Amusement park – I almost love it on the roundabout (6)
6Something extra obtained from drug habit after giving up cocaine (8)
7Carpet-cleaner ready for despatch and sealed in airtight bag (6-6)
9He deals with the ’flu, we’re told.  (See my new chip arrangement) (7-5)
15European young lady on a railway is a diplomatic messenger (8)
16Monster is around in new form (8)
18Complete swimming aid I cast off (8)
20Moving gradually sideways, embellishing the rim (6)
22Revised clue about theologian giving you a big hug (6)
23Large tent (not 18) displays definitive model of car (6)

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