Crossword No 3 (fifth series)

11                      12     
13        14      15        16     
18              19             
20    21  22    23        24        25 
26                  27         
28              29             
Clues across
1Dear Sir – seen here in confusion, these are invaders (7)
5Mantra intoned in America about nothing is portending evil (7)
9Lentil, say, for heart-throb? (5)
10Wizard who orders a shower (4-5)
11Danger!  Light’s broken in this type of corner (5-6)
12Dull finish for floor covering (3)
13Bind oar loosely within the hull (7)
15Bash tin about to get at drink (7)
17Shelter returning fish (3)
18Too much food supplied, and take too many drugs to suppress raging fever (7)
19Your old rod holds one gland (7)
20Dog restrained in truck (3)
22Crash contrivance?  Not right for this dispenser! (4,7)
26It makes things go smoothly in crazy Baltic run (9)
27Alternative holds the one which isn’t this one (5)
28It means the same, but it doesn’t sound like it (7)
29Root of left-wing politics? (7)
Clues down
1More mature epitaph for the queen (5)
2Poorly, for instance, with nasty bile – but the doctor’s prescription is this! (9)
3Force out of European plane, seizing control initially (5)
4Sang love song to Andes deer, running wild (9)
5College window (5)
6I’m taking fashion to filthy place, displaying shamelessness (9)
7Greek character turning up under tree – picking this? (5)
8Reached up to strain as if to vomit in street with newspaperman (9)
13Is very large Church of England the French put together possessing two equal sides? (9)
14Love to influence charged particle (9)
15Tie armlet in a knot – it belongs on the instrument panel (9)
16Eli hit con in error in this period long ago (9)
21Bird featured in Nairobi newspaper (5)
23It’s hot, so throng of insects appears (5)
24Desperately cold around fourth of January – mist forming (5)
25Loner arranges to register (5)

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