Crossword No 4 (fifth series)

10                11           
12      13      14    15        16   
17              18             
20                21           
22  23        24  25        26       
27                28           
Clues across
8Unexpected praise for old country (6)
9Woman daring to hide Chinese official (8)
10Dizzy blonde (ie lazy) (4-4)
11Get insect to eavesdrop (6)
12Mother cut short lies about breakfast food (6)
14Stiffened dilapidated cart found in shed (8)
17Upsetting poet, sir, produces sharp rejoinder (7)
18She got ripe mangoes, disguising a bit of self-indulgence (3-4)
20Seabird swallows bent nail?  No, the other way round  its inside! (8)
21Wander off to become saint (6)
22Revenue company sunk in derelict mine (6)
25I replace American lawyer when candidate is confused in show (8)
27Acts as foreman, were told, abroad (8)
28Plant support found in sitting-room (6)
Clues down
1Proposal put to meeting concerning the answer to problem (10)
2Man, perhaps, Elsie almost turns to (4)
3Tough, like some finger-nails (4-6)
4Im placed over troops with leaders of special expedition (its big!) (7)
5Keen to break joint (4)
6Manufactured and destined to hold over half of bric-a-brac (10)
7Operatic lady with poor circulation? (4)
13Put scratch on table  it shows how the games progressing (10)
15Wickedly rig agendas to inflate importance (10)
16Major film by Sterne, shaken where earthquakes begin (10)
19Geometric figure?  Otherwise, going round rim (7)
23Rogue loses head  found in church (4)
24Odd number minus six, initially, becomes divisible by two (4)
26Lying, omitting to repair a large town (4)

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