Crossword No 14

10        11                   
12          13                 
15  16              17    18       
19            20               
21      22            23      24   
26                    27       
28              29             
Clues across
1Leading support for bridge is holding back sea in France (7)
5Ancient Greek painting found inside bridge (7)
10Forty-nine in ancient Rome holding party for false god (4)
11Help for the deaf?  Ghandi, confused, held one around ear (7-3)
12Scared when weatherís like this?  (5)
13It forms a link between characters starting education and exam which Iím in the middle of – on the third page, perhaps (9)
15In France, I can be seen holding a sheet of glass (first of samples – oriental) (8)
17Ring outfit in the beginning (6)
19Soldier turns back lady holding a monitor (6)
20Tall vegetation grows below it, almost entirely stunted by first of easterlies (4,4)
21Graphite called for when business starts to be in need of metal (9)
23A portal in stone (5)
26Sharkís a hard hitter (10)
27Put up with teddy? (4)
28The ring for boxing, perhaps, where my note returns to me, at first (7)
29Expensive, the French tower (7)
Clues down
2Diarist (no saint!) becomes spokesman, losing pawn (5)
3Mature play, as heard on radio, would be sensational, romantic piece in theatre (9)
4Yellow pigment, stirred, has no right to bounce back! (4)
6Ban nine poets, unfortunately, where colours may be seen (5-5)
7Jolly chap on Captain Flintís ship (5)
8Iím in a country, revealing what makes Mickey Mouse run (9)
9Craft beats side with queen (6-7)
14Had sufficient funds to settle everything with urgency, omitting enclosure concerning nature of certain materials (10)
16Heavenly food for some lacking a gene, maybe (lacking gin, too!) (5,4)
18In disarray, fifty lie about rotten bilge, impossible to read (9)
22Brooch came to nothing (5)
24Fish-war suffers reversal within limits of the Channel (5)
25Now itís mine – way out! (4)

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