Crossword No 6 (fifth series)

11                  12         
13    14      15        16        17 
18              19             
20                  21         
22        23  24    25        26     
27                  28         
Clues across
9She stirs up river of forgetfulness (5)
10Small bomb containing fashionable syrup (9)
11Ungraciously curt, killed (having hand in it) (9)
12Structure of iron placed round tup (5)
13Greek writer affecting a pose? (5)
15True-to-life articles I edited (9)
18Old Prime Minister decapitated one from Middle East (7)
19Drops a hint and pushes over the edge (4,3)
20Engaged to be married?  Kenís proof needs to be reviewed (6,3)
21Woman lies about taking Ecstasy (5)
22Orchestral group like a foolhardy tightrope walker? (5)
24Minor star gets bedraggled in downpour (9)
27Cut out whilst holding queen and did some physical training (9)
28Bottle containing first of tinctures essential to life (5)
Clues down
1Boat race is switched for stunts (10)
2He cooks starters of cheese, ham, eggs and fish (4)
3Wickedly replicate a picture at east end of church (10)
4Matured like cheese in cottage dairy (4)
5Teacher has red meat served up (10)
6A little lower on leg (4)
7Sad suitors could be calamitous (10)
8After losing poster, stick in this place (4)
14Encircled, making ruder sound (10)
15Artist in densely-wooded area (source of exotic timber) (10)
16I am a reporter; I have to be able to produce a profound effect (10)
17Drink factory?  Spill the beans in here! (6,4)
22Massage sounds like what we want (4)
23Put temporary stitches in equine equipment (4)
25Scared, missing wife in motor-race (4)
26Disguise a hot swear-word (4)

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