Crossword No 8 (fifth series)

10            11               
12                    13       
14  15        16            17       
18      19  20        21        22   
23                24           
25            26               
Clues across
8Ditch aircraft (number sit facing backwards) (8)
9Word of honour given by European holding a rifle, initially (6)
10Grating sound of barbecue (6)
11In France, the water eddies round opening after a time (8)
12Hot teapots get broken by this cleanser (10)
13Garment torn by Dutch settler (4)
14Officer!  His RAF camel-hair needs a shake! (3,5,7)
18Pine of exceptional length (4)
20Silly clue: “Sty up a gum tree” (10)
23Artist in layer of paint – protection from wet weather? (8)
24Starting cruising holiday off Penzance, probably – yachting.  What’s the sea state? (6)
25Compelled to go by car towards north (6)
26Lay out old coins about university library, at first, and get conspicuous wealth (8)
Clues down
1Eccentric party held under dam (6)
2Good at games, performing lithe act (8)
3Disturb, please?  No, don’t disturb, please! (6)
4Infection?  Tina is involved in act of making higher concentration (15)
5Ampère?  He dissected mayfly (8)
6Provide food around end of October in massive cavity (6)
7The French rising up over poor actor getting support in Moorish palace (8)
15Told Ray: “I switched to worship of image” (8)
16Stuck in the Arctic, perhaps, or heading for a skating rink (8)
17Imagined drink and then modelled for artist (8)
19In this city Kelly overlooks American state (6)
21Securely fasten shop, uninhabited at night (4-2)
22Peace-keepers prepare to go away, and take stuff out of kitbags (6)

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