Crossword No 9 (fifth series)

10        11          12       
13  14        15      16    17       
18            19               
20      21  22        23  24    25   
26                27           
Clues across
1No charge for energy displayed to indicate zero in Europe (8-5)
8No turning back after overthrow of government – just a token? (6)
9A bint unfortunately consumed by disease provides equipment for budding artist (5-3)
10They slide on the snow, breaking up kiss (4)
11Set is overturned in these locations (5)
12Mixing ochre (not using red, initially) to get a sound return (4)
13Lure lamb out to provide protection (8)
16Course taken among fallen trees (6)
18Near to leader of demo?  Shut up! (6)
19Not having a catalogue, is uninterested (8)
20Eager to portray headless giant – or a partner of his (4)
22I’m trapped by cleaning-lady in this piece of furniture (5)
24Character from Greece and two from Tyre showing compassion (4)
26Firework designed to explode round California?  That gets the biscuit! (8)
27Look at nose after operation and relax (6)
28See?  True chart’s ripped up – so can you find this box? (8-5)
Clues down
1Loud pop music providing cover for a lady (5)
2Revelations – on film? (9)
3So Zen shifts into these areas (5)
4Hot Pathan upset oil (7)
5Newspapermen gather round blitzed site to see holy woman (9)
6Man, perhaps, holding first bit of tough fibre (5)
7Let’s shoot badly, becoming ineffective (9)
14Start marching and fall into line with worker disposed to do harm (9)
15Uri’s “cloud” turns out to be absurd (9)
17Elope, then, in disgrace – but give us a call! (9)
19Student is slimmer around end of December (7)
21Raged about place in class (5)
23Item of historic interest found in barrel I confiscated (5)
25A free meal, but sent back dessert containing Ecstasy (5)

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