Crossword No 11 (fifth series)

11            12               
13      14        15  16        17   
19  20        21      22    23       
24            25               
Clues across
8Killing of two donkeys by one set of people (13)
9At university in order to go out with someone well briefed? (2,2,4)
10Look at cover for a facial feature (6)
11Iceman is upset, selling his wares here (6)
12Located Ė located round a backward Greek character (8)
13Glass could be finest, right? (7)
15Crime of one receiving stolen goods (7)
19Misshapen bell?  Fix before end of June Ė itís easily bent (8)
22Out of sight and unscreened, losing cred (6)
24Learnt variation for horn (6)
25Depose us?  That canít be right Ė weíre due to get married! (8)
26Tea?  So inviting!  Could be made by the police after 8 (13)
Clues down
1Series of actions intended to achieve a certain objective: to stay in a tent with a gin cocktail! (8)
2Tree and mineral found on dry land (6)
3Wickedly laces tea to increase intensity (8)
4Provide good weather over south-south-east?  Thatís a sophisticated accomplishment! (7)
5Itís obvious you have to gasp for breath while holding note (6)
6Low in calories, deserve to be scholarly (8)
7Whole peanut, pierced evenly (6)
14Source of heart stimulant unknownís hiding in fog, darling (8)
16Obscene drama is against the rules (4,4)
17Retiring lady, weíre told, belongs to American Indian tribe (8)
18Sense Iím deploying to get retributive justice (7)
20Seed found in fallen tile (6)
21Serb at roundabout is wearing least clothing (6)
23Itís tedious without Ecstasy, working in the atelier (6)

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