Crossword No 13 (fifth series)

11                      12     
13        14      15        16     
18              19             
20    21  22    23        24        25 
26                  27         
28              29             
Clues across
1Esau’s trial held in this country?  No, quite the reverse! (7)
5As nicer as could be (7)
9Material found in many London shops (5)
10Passage from Shakespeare, say, may be too quaint (9)
11One lining nest, perhaps, and eavesdropping (9,2)
12Queen taking a period of time (3)
13A Liberal hiding in shed to get fish (7)
15Zit – nice when burst?  Not on this one’s face! (7)
17Has disturbed remains of fire (3)
18Select a jury, making space on board (7)
19He provides cover for ruiners when ruined (7)
20Warm and dry atmosphere (3)
22Wood?  Armfuls could be universally renowned (5-6)
26At home with gear, not quite into going under an assumed name (9)
27Lariat is whirled around without a test (5)
28Financial outlay for one-time coins, we’re told (7)
29Clears off, having rushed back round river (7)
Clues down
1Abolish yearly publication after second article is omitted (5)
2Proof of purchase from shop that’s not doing very well (5,4)
3Telephoned leader of expedition to discover distance to target (5)
4Quilt a cat ripped up to get discharge! (9)
5Contained in a Mongol population (5)
6Santa gets upset and becomes inert (9)
7I have put sodium first – isn’t that ingenuous? (5)
8Knock tin can over, losing bit of value, and getting another receptacle (9)
13Team I hate transformed mineral (9)
14Prohibited truck, we hear – something to jump on? (9)
15Kid’s headgear – or his/her state (9)
16Our zinc I’m switching for another metal (9)
21Put the lid back on and go over the main points again (5)
23We’re told to demolish and build up (5)
24Dialect spoken by Greeks in upper room (5)
25Sailors’ lieutenant captured by Special Air Service (5)

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