Crossword No 14 (fifth series)

“Titles” (see preamble above the clues)

10                  11         
12      13    14                 
15        16                17     
18    19                20  21    22 
23          24    25             

10                  11         
12      13    14                 
15        16                17     
18    19                20  21    22 
23          24    25             

Eight titles of books (indicated merely by “Title”) by one author are to be fitted into various across lights in the two diagrams.  For the remaining lights, each clue is in two parts, although the division may not be obvious and the punctuation may be misleading.  A hint to the identity of the author is given in 21 across (lower diagram).  The first part of the clue refers to the upper diagram, and the second part to the lower diagram.

Clues across
7Title; Academic wear sported by some in the building trade (7,5) (6,6)
10Create aid wrongly, so get rid; Title (9) (4,5)
11Woman from Yorkshire needing chemical compound from Dorset, Hereford or Devon (5) (5)
12Brown ant – when upset, scarlet on left wing (3) (3)
13Title; A basic blast ruined periods of leave (6,5) (11)
15Title; Title (1,9,5) (3,6,6)
18Is this indicative?  Heartless silly MP receives most of tomato.  I see Scot has first man changing side to produce this type of road surface (11) (11)
21Rotter’s smashed a CD;  last character follows scent to find CD’s pseudonym (3) (3)
23Idiot runs back round ancient city (original capital of Italy) to release terrible solo before end of June (5) (5)
24Title; Artist at home with layers of paint may have one of these hung up – drying? (3,6) (9)
26Title; Title (6,6) (6,3,3)
Clues down
1An ash van is wrecked in Georgia, Jerry.  Do I become seen as wild driver of stolen vehicle? (8) (3-5)
2One mistakenly doing blue dye says “A test’s gone wrong!” (6) (6)
3Pop musicians, whichever way you look at them, pack as much as possible in sacramental songs (4) (4)
4Stupid vile ranter has no connection with policeman’s paintings (10) (10)
5Chinese secret society is busted when CIA turns up and surrounds it.  Sea, more weird, makes Eric peer awkwardly (8) (8)
6One from the Middle East, the old men and I disrupt maths – a bad wheeze (6) (6)
8Lurking in the atelier, raise temperature to scorch fish (4) (4)
9Concerned with the mind in passing judgment, a lawyer is seared badly and rubbed out (6) (6)
14Unusually met in Italy privately, sad queen holds drum upside-down – screaming this? (10) (4,6)
15Fool with alien’s valuable property or material of little use, initially – bronzed metallic ware (6) (6)
16 Chant from turbulent nation; note never imagined turned ma off (8) (8)
17Perform same crime again – send to jail again – decorate Zulu leader – “No blame” broadcast (8) (8)
19Rambler failing to start rambling to find stone having opaque appearance – sky’s overcast (6) (6)
20Division of Roman soldiers seen in portico.  Horticulturists make up mind and dump detectives in river (6) (6)
22Writing-table’s covered in cow-hide.  Sketch of leader of zealots is French, displaying enthusiasm (4) (4)
25Send off for objectives I managed in this country (4) (4)

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