Crossword No 15 (fifth series)

11              12             
14      15          16        17   
18            19               
20  21        22    23      24       
26                    27       
Clues across
1A French bill coming with mushroom to table is not welcome (12)
9Food for larva (4)
10Fairy with arctic marten holding first of hyacinths – unlikely to last long (10)
11Distinguished but without power (7)
12Preserve rubbish – a musical work (7)
14Get wrong angle about first half of August, changing means of expression (8)
16Destroy reputation of three leading members of family drowned in river (6)
18Immersed in ancestor mystery?  That’s rough! (6)
19Steadfast about dissolved substance (8)
20Yap to retaliate (3,4)
23Well lubricated, last British king’s relieved (7)
26Bewitched, bull sped on, going wild (10)
27Long hard journey featured in Wanderlust Rekindled (4)
28Amy’s net is ruined when chick runs around to find means of escape (7,5)
Clues down
2First-rate bun turns up in head-wrap (5)
3Blood-vessel seen in song-bird after swallowing tablet and losing first of notes (9)
4Deserve payment – but don’t start to gain knowledge (4)
5Opera has wild actors – not right! (5)
6Attractive dandy with whom we hear you flirt madly, losing reputation initially (9)
7Lace – playing at opening of theatre – is brilliant success (5)
8Groan in stupid fashion when surrounded by paintings – how conceited! (8)
13Noblemen provide supports for bridge, we’re told (5)
15Italian patriot takes the biscuit (9)
16Princess’s first of contacts on left wing with sex appeal results in disgrace (9)
17Spoke indistinctly: “Put into circulation after first of March” (8)
21Jelly shown in Goya’s picture of kitchen (5)
22Compartment reserved for driver in hut (5)
24I can’t dance and caper (5)
25Continuously occupied public transport’s unknown (4)

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