Crossword No 18 (fifth series)

12            13              14           
15          16          17        18           
19  20      21    22            23      24       
25                  26  27                   
29                    30                   
31        32            33          34       
35      36        37      38    39            40   
41          42  43              44           

Clues across
11Heart of computer condensed into broken cup (7,10,4)
12Falsely accused of crime and farmed out (6)
13Angry, setting off flare gun endlessly (7)
14Show preferential treatment after losing sex appeal in religious establishment (6)
15Seclude her, perhaps, and set new timetable (10)
17Playing with Bengal hoop, he wouldn’t like the language in this crossword! (10)
19Gem is nothing to a friend (4)
21Tailor’s aid often goes to waste, we hear; does it show how much has been recorded? (4,7)
24Back to the old island (4)
25Nicest characters get confused if in charge, based on observation and experiment (10)
27Flood making Nina undo it (10)
28Won illegally to possess (3)
29One from down south reveals gold on a trail meandering between two poles (10)
30Fruit + fruit = fruit (10)
31Listen to her, seizing advantage initially (4)
32Serious intent of man running round a promontory (11)
34Appears on stage, inebriated, in Cats (4)
35Anoint a son causing disturbance in city (3,7)
38Bill (copper) takes on one at a time in a defamatory manner (10)
41Unusually, I moult in the last month (6)
43Graduates filling rolled-up Mexican pancake – hot sauce needed (7)
44That woman in health resort is a porter (6)
45Fake Renoir is apt to get switched round?  It won’t take your breath away – quite the opposite! (10,11)
Clues down
1Edict of French Canadian people (6)
2Impress on hoarder – he needs an album! (5,9)
3Cart backs into enclosed area (4)
4Race up, distraught, to get brief outline (6)
5Extending over a considerable period, as a schoolboy views the time between holidays (4-4)
6Sing about sprite, mother and silver, describing a cutter? (4-8)
7Fallen limb from a specific tree, and the residue after burning placed on record (3,3)
8Cooking utensils, when inverted, break in two (4)
9Shin up awkwardly to hand out retribution (6)
10Igor climbs – I, too, in a way.  He studies life on a small scale (14)
16A man placed over property?  No, quite the reverse – he’s keen to sell it (6,5)
18Wears too many clothes – or ones too ostentatious for the occasion (11)
20Try peculiar gel, spread where hangings take place (7,7)
22I get into child’s steam engine, more out of breath than ever (7)
23Greek character and Lulu turn up to hoot (7)
24“Come in” isn’t meant, perhaps, for these diversions (14)
26Colt running round confused boy? Never! Henry Ford introduced it to speed production (8,4)
33Move footballer to another club?  Ref rants, getting upset (8)
36A section of the police in charge – that’s sharp! (6)
37Fool is Northern Ireland fool (6)
39Sea state indicated: current has overturned pedalo, panicking yachtsmen initially(6)
40Friend turning up on track – a docile person (6)
42State: “Ooh!  I get confused!” (4)
44Airs wafting dress (4)

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