Crossword No 19 (fifth series)

            10    11   
12                    13                   
14                15                       
16  17                  18                19   
20          21      22        23               
24                    25                   
26                        27               
28              29      30        31           
32  33                      34            35   
36                    37                   
38            39              40           

Clues across
1Sending back first-rate pot classified as available for all to see in perfect state (6)
5Sagacious chaps, but not quite magic (4,3)
9Unfortunate lad falls into in swirling dye  its fatal! (6)
12It could encourage growth of deformed sterile fir (10)
13Im taking stance, creating burden (10)
14Sponge he wrung out to make poison gas (8)
15Romance?  But Im confused!  (Als is 13 and Mos is 42, for example) (6,6)
16Cursers tip out holy writings (10)
18Mount gears in a special way  they boost the thrust of jet engines (10)
20Placed before Danish leader, sullen expert pulled a face (8)
22Hitchcock, say, making dormice flirt (4,8)
24Perhaps small company can ripen in this heliocentric system (10)
25Revo? (10)
26Chick holding Amy sent off to get vent for fumes (7-5)
27Apprenticed and requisitioned (8)
28Time for shooting birds  start before autumn, perhaps? (4,6)
30Pups sibling  or a companion in a portable bed? (10)
32Grumpy? Hold same opinion, and break legs all around (12)
34Initially eligible young lady on a railway  one sent out on a mission (8)
36Notice lamb straying in pit for blue pigment (6,4)
37Sailor  first native of Australia, perhaps (10)
38Dance wildly clutching last of gigolos and be uplifted (6)
39Heraldic device discovered in ground elder (7)
40Man, sincere, over-serious, loses article (6)
Clues down
2Note the unusual features of comb and saw (5)
3Disinfectant in earthenware vessel carried by donkey . . . (I hesitate) . . . for each man with article inside gate (9,12)
4Disease found in jail  men taking antibiotics (7)
5Rejected materials and scrap for tubes (5,8)
6Masters diverted rivulets (7)
7Dora, walk Flo  Im off!  (She was a general factotum) (4,2,3,4)
8Asleep whilst pin is placed under upturned cooking-vessel?  Good! (7)
9Taken to pieces? Sergeant did it!  (Then re-assembled) (13)
10Passing over a hand-gun in a car with this system making it easy to drive? (9,12)
11Free toilets supported by Egyptian capital (5)
17Container vessel, say? Gosh! I get surrounded by fish! (5,4)
19Resolve to change President (9)
21Bore candle etc awkwardly and jointly officiated at mass (13)
22Redistribute biannual fee to this French palace (13)
23Passed over whilst wearing warm material, were told  too fixed in ones opinions? (4,2,3,4)
29More run down, like a pomegranate compared to an apple? (7)
30Sketch eel heading north  in the direction the way the wind blows (7)
31Building established deep in forest I cant enter, initially (7)
33Presses manacles (5)
35Harvests rotten pears (5)

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