Crossword No 20 (fifth series)

11            12              13           
15  16      17        18  19                20   
21      22    23      24            25  26       
27              28      29                   
30                    31                   
32        33              34               
35      36    37          38        39  40       
41                    42                43   
44            45              46           

Clues across
11Pain in side from repair following surgery? (6)
12One herb or, for example, a number (7)
13Cried, so first of babies is put in bed (6)
14Short prayer said before I have to haggle (getting gin cocktail!) in discussion between union and management (10,10)
15Smile, even though hard work doesn’t finish (4)
17He was spared from being killed by his father – is Alcoholics Anonymous credited initially? (5)
19Stuttering: “I – I ain’t into admission ceremony” (10)
21Polar cap?  Cheese it!  (That’s not right!) (3,5)
24Vessel’s lost weight (7)
26Choose tool (4)
27Empties car after accident, finding waxy matter from whale’s head (10)
29Notice Lynn, playing In a guileless manner (10)
30Shake the sea bed?  You can’t go any lower! (4,6)
31Celtic earl gets upset, concerned with current affairs (10)
32Joker, perhaps? (4)
33Man upset about rent?  Just the opposite – a bit left over (7)
34Having a reaction to substances making Grace ill (8)
35A source of help and information for owners of canine pets – or an association for those in the doghouse? (6,4)
38Corrodes, displaying onset of staining in furrows (5)
40Drunk In outskirts of Newcastle? Certainly one over the eight! (4)
41Yearly publication placed before army officer having an encounter in important assembly of members (6,7,7)
44Nuisance, the French grinder! (6)
45Arranges a display and starts on a journey (4,3)
46Moved in small increments, pulled by cable wound on drum, but ignoring workmen’s leader (6)
Clues down
1German running up and down (4)
2Pinched German fruit loaf with centre removed (6)
3Pretentious Greek character appears twice (6)
4Don’t set about parrot – it’s in a commanding position! (8)
5A lake, nothing more (4)
6Chap getting on in years is placed over a member of the board – now he’s the boss! (8,8)
7Sort of phone call which could come to nostalgic end (4,8)
8Stupid fellow is leader of insurrection in Italian town (6)
9Leading characters from Othello run round French wood to find instrumentalist (6)
10Hill held by Berber guardsmen (4)
16Go to and fro and return compliment, say (11)
18Car – I’m accountable – crashed into limestone (7,9)
20Colonialist prepared to make a repeated swing from one side to the other (11)
22Shovelled in coal around middle of afternoon and set pace in boat (7)
23Charm changes our name (7)
25Claret I spilled in musical performance (7)
26Basket from girl with gun grabbed by public relations (7)
28Perhaps not gloomiest bug-man (12)
34Sailor has dissolved substance – that’s certain (8)
36Musical compositions for foolhardy tightrope walkers? (6)
37Drink upset over the German principal violinist (6)
39Most of science could be picturesque (6)
40Sign near hole in otherwise frozen pond? (6)
41Declare: “It’s a wild rave!” (4)
42Australian native, in short, has leader of firemen as cover (4)
43Want to work dough, we hear (4)

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