Crossword No 16

10                11           
12          13          14       
15      16        17          18   
20  21      22            23       
24            25    26           
27                28           
Clues across
8Diamond-cutter employed by those on the up-and-up (3-3)
9Get cross about equipment used to spread 2, singularly (8)
10Sailor dispatched to east with enemy leader – he didn’t turn up (8)
11Simpleton’s pasta (6)
12Use too many layers of paint, we’re told – they’ll provide extra insulation (10)
14Work entailed in turning over casks at brewery (4)
15“Dam’s been bombed!”  Rotten liar, this chap, despite his rank (7)
17Overture played staccato without leader of strings (7)
20City house ( . . . city house . . . city house) (4)
22Easy clue: “Sherlock is supposed to have said it” (10)
24How bent coin gets to me? (6)
25Disinfectant causes deep trouble as cargo (5,3)
27It’s incorrect to return without leader whilst binding over man in supreme charge (8)
28Refrain from singing? (6)
Clues down
1Poet who refused to go on strike kept weapon in here (8)
2Hot and cold, possibly, running to waste, right? (6)
3Old film star makes a point (4)
4Bad mood for American causing one to turn in grave? (7)
5Crushes and crumples note – something to smell when working hard? (10)
6He doesn’t believe song turned up in upper room without opening trapdoor (8)
7Early writer brought particular mode of expression, we’re told, to America (6)
13Ahem!  Clones could be experts in camouflage! (10)
16Poet is so disturbed by the production of chemically identical species of atoms (8)
18Period in America is the end!  (8)
19Dance rhythm (7)
21High flier seen in panic on dormitory roof (6)
23“Gave gratuity?  Oh!”  (Heard whilst walking on this) (6)
26Every fruit has its top sliced off (4)

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