Crossword No 27 (fifth series)

                10    11 
12                  13                     
14                      15                 
16            17  18          19            20 
21        22  23    24              25         
26                    27              28     
30    31      32                  33         
34        35      36        37  38    39         
40            41      42        43             
44                      45                 
46                              47         

Clues across
1Names spectacles, we hear (5)
4One wanting to keep things as they are, but re-arranging Victorian stones (15)
12Offerings from old boy, upsetting Latinos (9)
13Composer with wild leopard – living alone here? (8,3)
14Admission fee for a diver, based on how far down one goes?  This could blow you out of the water! (5,6)
15Prime Minister needs directions for first showings of films (9)
16Nodule I disturbed – stiff and squeaky? (7)
18Rent fields to east (5)
19Obviously happy, having schnapps at first, followed by two gin cocktails! (7)
21Potassium, nickel and iron amalgam in blade (5)
23Broken vein sites are capable of feeling (9)
25Punctuation mark for organ (5)
26I get condensation in measure for spirits – but hoping for the best (10)
27Medical rig adjusted so as to be capable of killing bugs (10)
30Thieves’ slang used in Poplar, Gotham and Leeds (5)
32Worn out and empty (9)
33Fool takes morning tea (5)
34Gadgets made from vee-disc (7)
36Watering-hole on a southern island shore, initially (5)
38Number one returning to port for share (7)
40Tenors are out in cold wind (3-6)
42Simpleton capable of mathematical feats somehow avoids taint (5,6)
44Shed lit badly in town – but it’s extremely light! (11)
45Displaying even worse behaviour, brandishing the air-gun (9)
46Eighteens had LSD, wandering about in dizzy state (15)
47Tends to make depressions (5)
Clues down
1Noisy, slightly mad person in Scottish tribe is placed over leader of Democrats – wishful thinking? (5,6,4)
2Here’s someone to take your call: “Pinhole is developed in test” (11)
3Talc she spilled in school-bag (7)
4Material?  Companion of Honour holds great quantity (5)
5Air passage rots badly when surrounded by nothing (7)
6Camel bit me unexpectedly.  Is this symbolic? (10)
7Stand-in for leading character even I scripted differently (4-9)
8Subject for discussion plucked from the memory (5)
9Bovine animal carried by Scotsman – one who went to ancient university (7)
10Fair?  I’m biased! (9)
11Edits, changing “ocean currents” (5)
17Girl’s flowers seen as complete failures (9)
19Indignant, like a locomotive ready to go? (7,2)
20Member of the royal bodyguard is a decent sort of chap with a smart turnout (9-2-4)
22Insect found in flower-stem, messing things up (5)
24Heroin hobo dug out in this locality (13)
25Two small firms with a brown powder (5)
28Edits, changing “people” – to what end? (11)
29Interrogated roughly.  Nosed?  Quite! (10)
31In charge, going round the author of “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea”, mostly (9)
35Small bird making cat toil, perhaps (4,3)
37Jailbird with no conscience?   No, the other way round – a matter of chemistry, maybe (7)
39Arrived at acre he’d ploughed (7)
40To do with birth in one-time African colony (5)
41Not here, but in the regimental barracks (5)
43Takes trip around French city (5)

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