Crossword No 28 (fifth series)

12            13              14           
15          16          17        18           
19  20      21    22            23      24       
25                  26  27                   
29                    30                   
31        32            33          34       
35      36        37      38    39            40   
41          42  43              44           

Clues across
11When an atomic weapon produces this effect, Mother Nature can recoil in a strange way (13,8)
12Topsy cheats, concealing true personality (6)
13Drink, then model for artist?  Just imagine! (7)
14Hanging loose – certainly not 18! (6)
15Cataract in turmoil in this part of the world? (10)
17Pasted clue wrongly and made guesses (10)
19Dust scattered in horse-breeding establishment (4)
21Dexterous hard gent hid – stupid! (5-6)
24Split component (4)
25Wrongful arrest?  Sure!  We hold the purse-strings! (10)
27Chewed broken bead in hot snack (5,5)
28Fish returns to shelter (3)
29Nones, nones!  Could turn out to be very sensible! (2-8)
30Wild raves?  Enter – they don’t happen very often (4,6)
31Drug-taker’s novel ruse (4)
32Rap featured in silly tune with ring, causing great delight (11)
34Clumsily edit one of two things said to wait for no man (4)
35Does it run round the dinner table carrying a jug – a cushy job? (5,5)
38Policemen examine horse shelters (10)
41Science, for the most part, could be beautiful (6)
43Passage from book, say, not including “about right” (7)
44Ear found in river in flood (6)
45The standard way of speaking English was given articulation (8,13)
Clues down
1Selected stockings in outskirts of Charleston (6)
2Good race (and favourite lost it after losing tail) providing this sort of residence for VIP (5-3-6)
3Hundred and one ready to receive ice cream? (4)
4Greek character lies about breakfast food (6)
5Animal wrecking the plane? (8)
6Joel adds crab mixture – a dreamy way to heaven? (6,6)
7We’re told Brie’s something very easy to make (6)
8Neat back of leg (4)
9False start on a series of layers (6)
10Bedaubed sterol around this style of jacket (6-8)
16Looking around, see half of circular sump etc is broken (11)
18Not more than seven years old, clutching top of whistle, needing feeding up? (11)
20Scared to death, foolishly restrict kroner (6-8)
22More concerned about the environment, and looking more sickly? (7)
23Artist and I dine out – using these Roman coins? (7)
24Gift with skill – the state of being fit for introduction to others (14)
26Vehicles switched off for the night, or dormitories on wheels? (8,4)
33Having no concern for gnu running round dilapidated cairn (8)
36Thin layer of respectability shown by old magistrate wandering around north (6)
37Corrects last word spoken by preacher before introductions to dry sermons (6)
39Paying attention to nothing, losing heart (6)
40For instance, gong turns up in drink! (6)
42Evacuate, losing half turning back in underground hollow (4)
44Platform, it could be said (4)

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