Crossword No 29 (fifth series)

            10    11   
12                    13                   
14                15                       
16  17                  18                19   
20          21      22        23               
24                    25                   
26                        27               
28              29      30        31           
32  33                      34            35   
36                    37                   
38            39              40           

Clues across
1Publishes points of controversy (6)
5Consider mirror (7)
9Rides a bike in recurring series of changes (6)
12Drug found in nice pill, perhaps (10)
13Genius displayed by old queen going outside in rain (out of order!) (10)
14Apartment block or canvas shelter holding chaps returning with Ecstasy (8)
15Free credit (dodgy!) follows discontent verging on insurrection (12)
16Mounts garden tools regarded as lucky (10)
18Opposed to dissertation?  Just the opposite! (10)
20Writer has canes – broken in acts of humiliation to express sorrow for sin (8)
22Apparatus placed in position for use is found in unusual national list (12)
24Ladies fret about one supporting the concept of 3 (10)
25Choose to have Ron in charge  – like a computer, say (10)
26Aged contents shaken, producing something to clear blocked passages (12)
27Princess’s daisy is a catastrophe (8)
28Artifices reveal layers of rock with precious stones (10)
30Beautiful, occupied, and having little spare time
32Short time before foreign currency’s in recession and small coins added, right?  This may be the person you need! (5-7)
34A rotter has mutilated rodents – he’s probably at university (8)
36Turbulent timid union shows a decrease (10)
37Overlooking what should be done, having wild fun with left leg etc (10)
38Trapped (not quietly) when returning for leave (6)
39Has a stab in rogues’ session (7)
40Deserved to be educated without a leader (6)
Clues down
2Strain is “turning up before first lady” (5)
3Nation seen briefly in midst of crusade (6,6,2,7)
4Swings round and swells, losing first of links around four (7)
5Family connections – aunt’s joints, for instance (13)
6Hot dips could be end of us! (7)
7Characters involved in Serb armaments produce difficulty in financial matters (13)
8Adulterated tarts in passage (7)
9Expresses pleasure for one getting ancestral gout for a change (13)
10Tending to take great care with part of sentence – or one refusing to fight? (13,8)
11Follow directions, overthrowing European Union (5)
17Strain too hard, being open about eastern king (9)
19They worship soldiers I upset (9)
21Rush into attack on narrative?  It will get you credit (6,7)
22Unfortunate ancient singer shows stubbornness (13)
23Ensure bandage is changed for this breed of cattle (8,5)
29Rubbing out a singer, perhaps (7)
30They have children – father leases property (7)
31Stupidly zap tree to make a swing (7)
33Nothing evil turns up in this fruit (5)
35Being utilised, that is, around sunrise (2,3)

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