Crossword No 30 (fifth series)

10  11 
12                  13                     
14                      15                 
16                          17            18 
19    20      21                  22    23     
24        25      26                27         
28                    29      30             
31        32  33            34      35         
36    37          38            39        40     
41                  42                    43 
44                      45                 

Clues across
12Ms Gardner has Chanel sprayed, making serious slip (9)
13Wild orca amuse in sea-water pools (11)
14Infantryman or old softie, perhaps (4,7)
15Withdrew English religious pamphlet appropriated by Communist (9)
16We’re told: “Rush to beat fifty-ampere light that won’t blow out” (9,4)
17Aquatic bird (Channel Islander, originally) returning in frozen mass (7)
19Cars need gold to start sales (5)
21Few alight in confusion, presenting sign of surrender (5.4)
22Claw used in brutal onset (5)
24Greek character holding tin?   No, just the reverse – he lives in the east (7)
26This is the latest: getting out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds! (2,2,3,6)
28Two idiots in group of people with no leader – it’s murder! (13)
30Floods – eels dug out (7)
31Mob, going crazy in hubbub, heartlessly make terrible weapon (1-4)
33Give up cars, perhaps, if ice follows (9)
35Aid to Northern Ireland sent back for another country (5)
36Animal is flushed more around end of June (3,4)
38Nippers string out Gutenberg’s invention (8,5)
41Nut provides Scots road-builder with first-class return (9)
42Signals to teams of sailors, begging for a lift to get instruments of torture (11)
44Grotesque puppet is big hit in Hello! (Cockney edition) (11)
45Sends yell out without stopping (9)
Clues down
1Soft leather from back of leg (4)
2Give support to number of Gospels found in Authorised Version?  No, quite the opposite! (6)
3Conflicts over joints found in the Navy (8)
4Partner with disabling gas turning up to get sea-monster (6)
5Two fruits, we hear, cause tropical disease (8)
6Meant to run awkwardly in competition (10)
7Archbishop coming from the city (12)
8Bringing together to irritate?  One’s no use on its own! (8-6)
9Most of 6 is decoration (8)
10Shine, despite poor result (6)
11Took drugs – wrongly sued (4)
16Dare he cheat?  Perhaps, and those in his charge may do so! (4,7)
18Biscuits provided when redhead loses temper (6,5)
20Graduate’s wearing tattered coat – what sauce! (7)
21Turn handle on barrel-organ or pipe-organ? (4,10)
23Dug Noel out and lazed around (7)
25It is contracted, so sit up! (3)
26Puce can (damaged) placed on board – we can’t have that! (12)
27Poorly?  Don’t start to write will! (3)
29One nation holds it, and I provide ceremony for admittance (10)
32Widths of staple food – and this loses one (8)
34Varmint, rude rascal, holds one forcing his way in (8)
35Mischievous child performed and made an impression (8)
37It’s respectable in this eventide centre (6)
39Don: “Boy could be an Insignificant person” (6)
40Nevertheless, first lady suppressed unfortunate son (4,2)
41Act listlessly in brief period before exercise class (4)
43Island sounds like heaven (4)

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