Crossword No 32 (fifth series)

12        13          14          15       
16                17          18           
19  20          21          22            23   
24      25          26                       
27          28              29    30           
31                32    33      34    35       
36  37          38          39            40   
41        42          43          44       

Clues across
11It sounds as if I wait in line, briefly expressing this measure of my brightness (12,8)
12Seaside feature is ripe for renovation (4)
13Missile is of little breadth when head is removed (5)
14Monarch, perhaps helping one to draw the line? (5)
15This fits over crumpled hose (4)
16Vegetable found when clear ice is broken (8)
17Acids transformed for use in submarine detection (5)
18Telephone trumpeter (6)
19Tolerate decree about mushroom (6)
21Memorial of antiquity found in mature lichen (5)
22Get along with ugly woman after initiating public relations (8)
24Eased twisted noose, and went first round it (8)
26Rip metaphors apart in this flowery way (8,4)
27Connie cods us – unusually, she shares a great-grandparent (6,6)
29Alpinist upset by aeronautical disaster (8)
31Vehicle I sell, unfortunately, in this English town (8)
32Make alterations to space before finish (5)
34Little Edward trapped by broken legs – after falling off this? (6)
36Information held by a District Attorney is programme for a meeting (6)
38First of elements causes heartbreak (5)
39Came later and flowed round centre of hole (8)
41On guard against conflict with unknown (4)
42Government surcharge, it’s said, for small nails (5)
43Relative taking Ecstasy into French resort (5)
44Destiny? Just the reverse – it’s an emotional state (4)
45Series of lessons in which one learns how to write letters? Or does one have to write letters in order to take part? (14,6)
Clues down
1Popular team not out (6)
2Bring back tail-less dog (8)
3Tie fan-belt in knots and make shabby (4-6)
4Mushroom growing in Malaga, rich in protein (6)
5Winter missile’s illegal delivery, it’s said (8)
6Copy expert in cutting down (12)
7Mistakenly bid up list-price, showing concern for the community (6-8)
8Southern Conservative reserves children’s reading matter (10)
9Shake gossamer hips – they’ll reveal the severity of the shake (12)
10On the river he sets the pace – too fast and he may suffer from this! (6)
20Disease making hole in dilapidated car (7)
21Receiver has to collapse – it enables one to listen to the stars (5,9)
23Sedentary information technology featured in sting (7)
25Mac, say, with lanyard holding blackguard, finally, in police station (8,4)
26Adhesive applied to empty udder is gin mixture, making milk safe to drink (12)
28Midland set re-assembled and taken to pieces (10)
30Conveys nil, perhaps, in state of being unable to pay debts (10)
33Hence DNA could be improved (8)
35It’s huge in either hen or mouse (8)
37Sliding contact from good pointed weapon (6)
39Savage going wild in Recife (6)
40He thinks too much of himself for instance – and nothing first (6)

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