Crossword No 17

11          12                 
13                  14         
15        16        17        18     
19    20      21        22         
23                  24         
25              26             
Clues across
9Gold coin, somewhat battered.  Nothing else in the river (7)
10Is Shakespearean king turning his back on one from the Middle East? (7)
11The Parisian has a lie-down, as one does after an accident (5)
12Restore friendship, making Cleo nicer (9)
13Type of tree planted by Life Member of Friends of the Earth? (9)
14Battle for fruit from Garden of Eden when two leading characters from there return (5)
15Display skill with bag, perhaps, in ship (8,7)
19Account in the red?  No wonder, if money went like this (5)
21Janitor, in confusion, seeing croc but missing first of snakes (9)
23Disappointing answer: “Only fish” (5,4)
24Component of explosive is hardly inert (5)
25Succeed, perhaps, exchanging first of characters for unknown.  Forgiven? (7)
26Doomed ship – almost a queen (7)
Clues down
1Like a shotgun at the wedding of two ‘names’ (6-9)
2A lord’s free pile, maybe . . . (4,4)
3. . . and he may consider himself one like this winner at Cruft’s (3,3)
4How a pixie signs his letters addressed to second person? (8)
5Turn French law upside-down to be able to provide container for lubricant (6)
6Strafe Royal Navy?  That’s upsetting! Move somewhere else! (8)
7Getting a stitch whilst scattering seed, we hear (6)
8Straight or non-specific boss (8-7)
16Exhibition of vulgarity on rough headland (8)
17Rice substitute’s potential to infect (8)
18It’s annoying – train broke down in Irish Republic tunnel, initially (8)
20Stand-up sort of chaps, perhaps, providing cartoon papers (6)
21It’s noisy in Cyprus, and overcast (6)
22Light, but fail to start brown coal (6)

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