Crossword No 18

11            12               
13              14  15        16   
18  19        20      21           
23                24           
Clues across
8Run with bit of cracker into church, to chew (6)
9“D - - - ! A shower!”  But the water’s running off! (8)
10How we count using the decimal system?  I write fiction about a means of making it more concentrated (15)
11Hurry and make exclamation of surprise when coming upon gun (6)
12Monster will have last one of you – hiding in ruined crater with morsel of Edam (8)
13Large book (last section printed first) about soldiers is given as souvenir (7)
14Following directions, lad shouts headlines on street (7)
18“Wait!” we’re told, as Mark spins round one record (8)
21Plea for each flatfish inside (6)
22Its passengers may be on the rack, and outlaw many in air, perhaps (8,7)
23Irishman gets directions with golf equipment – for which he holds the copyright? (8)
24Printer’s family crashed plane (3-3)
Clues down
1Run over pet and write note about it, cut short (8)
2Where shopkeeper hides his ‘specials’ – beneath his abacus? (5,3,7)
3Two parts of body found in tree (8)
4Edward: “If I’m on top of church building, it’ll become . . . (7)
5 . . . very awkward, like this southpaw” (6)
6Peace-keeping body says “Fellow resembling this is narrow-minded” (15)
7Kind of pursuit like Scrabble, where letter box is found (6)
15“Mice running round fat!” we’re told with force (8)
16Opened, losing direction when rodent got inside and took charge of machine (8)
17Changed last word said over dead, we hear (7)
19Is nothing on counter indicating pressure? (6)
20Criticises traditional Sunday lunches (6)

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