Crossword No 19

10              11             
12                  13         
14        15                   
17  18                    19     
21          22        23         
24              25             
26                27           
Clues across
1Monsters, hot and ready for action (6)
4“Bruin” not the right code, perhaps, when stuck in the Arctic (8)
10Contrivance used by Ms West, suppressing facial feature (7)
11Kind of grate – it’s said for ever (3-4)
12European currencies of fixed exchange rate, we’re told, are left high and dry (9)
13He lives abroad on one-time French island (5)
14After battle, speechify bombastically at superior soldier, bringing on sergeant-major (7,7)
17In error, police framed Leslie Smith initially, publishing his own case (4-10)
21Cut a caper in Antioch?  Oh, no! (5)
22Self-drive car, rear end twisted, going round well-hoed plot where I’m found (9)
24Translate “Wash fifty-two” into foreign language (7)
25Gore, upset by anorexia (not first-class ruler!), is found in the kitchen (7)
26Use gold to put French ‘name’ (unknown) in place for self-government (8)
27Academic in ocean reversed positive poles (6)
Clues down
1Men who to upset in the place where one was born? (4-4)
2Goal which won game last month I get red about (7)
3One unknown on British island is self-evident (5)
5Financial stoics, losing first of number, re-arrange system of categorisation (14)
6She can be a dying swan or an ill bear (9)
7What this means: “I lit up inside” (7)
8Gives up on the Spanish fuel (6)
9I mail terrorist about laying claim to land (14)
15Love a very loud section which never gets started (9)
16Dottie’s in trouble (missed start of term), making issues (8)
18Passage copied by former spouse suppressing pamphlet (7)
19Duck when short drink is thrown up over everyone . . . . (7)
20. . . Due to this, caused by one swallowed by Greek character at sea (6)
23Before directions are given, tidy up appearance (5)

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