Crossword No 20

11                  12         
13          14            15     
16                  17         
18    19      20    21            22 
23        24      25             
26                  27         
Clues across
1Graduate has turned over equipment in search of a method of dyeing (5)
4Jo is grabbed by sleigh-puller (not English) – is this her response? (9)
9Perhaps NATO is to get a crony before the start of manoeuvres (7)
10Splits and sticks (7)
11Type of car to retreat into its shell? (9)
12Quiet stroke for a small tree (5)
13Playbill, turned over, conceals name of middle-eastern country (5)
14Get enough rib from chap next door? (9)
16Adjust places etc in exhibition (9)
17Strangely takes overdose, downing lemon yoghurt initially (5)
18Edward, after circumnavigating rough sea, is made more comfortable (5)
20Next to a great edge? (9)
23Middle-easterner is not quite real one (7)
25Trooped out to see the tin fish (7)
26Intermediary takes leave to put wager on 'Little North' (2-7)
27In America, impertinent talk about ship (5)
Clues down
1Tree, we hear, found at the waterís edge (5)
2A railway or a record-player has one (9)
3Generous – or hidden taker? (4-7)
4Graduate overcome by drink at dance (5)
5Sailor on cutter takes a dive (4-5)
6Diamonds?  I see first of emeralds! (3)
7Five in middle of bumpy ride – one will get wet (5)
8Prayers, little brother, may produce fruit (9)
12Cross hog, ill, disturbed these female students (11)
13Paying attention, nine turned up to join list on commencement of group (9)
14Sweet drink in east – itís peachy! (9)
15Antique clocks for veterans (3-6)
19Abandon brushwood (5)
21Frequently decimal? (5)
22The old turn up holding good French wood (5)
24Newt left headless (3)

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