Crossword No 21

11          12                 
13        14          15         
16    17        18  19             
20          21    22        23     
24                  25         
26              27             
Clues across
9Hurried back to place in class to tell others (7)
10Examine the old torn label wrapped around (7)
11Demand payment and get the precise amount (5)
12Coach took chance, mainly, including Arab (9)
13No fruit on palm tree?  Without a bit of sunshine, it wouldn’t be fit to eat! (3,2,4)
15Straight sort of monarch (5)
16Shuffle along in quiet stroll (7)
19Leading character in trade gets payment to reclaim crossbeam (7)
20Air I’d disturbed, defining circles (5)
21Knew again, maybe gaining consciousness (9)
24Bird gets its share when adding one solution to another in a controlled manner (9)
25Plant found in south border (5)
26Wild flower found around north (7)
27Idiot, say, has first-class weapon (7)
Clues down
1Nudist – neat mover, possibly hiding feelings (15)
2Aunt is upset by leaders of trainees – one missing from school (6)
3Point out seat (4)
4Whipped cream I obtained from ancient kingdom (6)
5Lacking morals, rotter takes Ecstasy in depression (8)
6Send home Peter in a confused state, holding damaged tiara (10)
7Men surrounding prison turned up handcuffs (8)
8Made attractive by using a current sort of cigarette and monocle (nothing omitted) (15)
14Tells stories about crab feast I ruined (10)
17No, it turned up under a theologian – one making up the total (8)
18Waste found in large Mac I ate yesterday (8)
22Hardy, perhaps, or a book – not one of his! (6)
23I, doing badly, get blue (6)
25Scarf seen in window frame (4)

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