Crossword No 22

11        12          13       
  14      15     
16    17          18             
19            20  21             
22        23          24  25     
    26      27     
28          29                 
Clues across
1Bowed and took responsibility for circular at first (5-10)
9Almost create a fib, perhaps, or tell one (9)
10Pains felt in each essential organ (5)
11Cheese manufactured wrongly (4)
12Pelts and conceals (5)
13A convict returns to fete (4)
16Broken hinge arrests Rolls-Royce – a red one? (7)
18Cruel people are awkwardly sedate on board ship (7)
19Promoted to high office, dealt badly with previous spouse (7)
21Often soaked in brandy, dishevelled lover holds last two of all (7)
22Last bit to follow? (4)
23Races around to frighten (5)
24Sea-bird to transfix, by the sound of it (4)
28Creature found in the water now Cockney says temperature’s risen (5)
29Constable’s vehicle, smashed, is held by American Indian – is this a good idea? (9)
30Archangel has maids, say, turned into a flower (10,5)
Clues down
1Othello, turning up after food and drink, found at railway station (11,4)
2Hidden shadow cast by thumb, raised to show ‘OK’ (5)
3Platform, it could be said (4)
4In charge of direction taken by ship (7)
5Ineffectual way to save? (7)
6Pull back guard without first item of uniform (4)
7Tries in genuine run-through (9)
8Without feeling broken splint, said “Yea, so?” (15)
14Unclean, but could be tidy, right? (5)
15 An entrance, we hear, to worship (5)
17Shakespearean king, wounded, is getting over nervous twitch – how true to form! (9)
20Bled badly over the cracked ice – this tells how much noise was made (7)
21Wine in the style of a planet? No, the other way round! (7)
25Uniform of leaders of King’s Hussars and King’s Infantry (5)
26Song found in a Rialto museum (4)
27Woman gets one in the end (4)

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