Crossword No 23

11              12             
13            14      15    16     
17        18  19        20         
21    22          23             
24                  25         
Clues across
1Controller’s not restricted – he stands in for the queen (8-7)
9Rowing crew, substituting first of trainees for bow, become intoxicated (5)
10Cartel for unpaid workers dribbling in anticipation of food (9)
11In Paris, is found with broken seat in more than one property (7)
12Strike during first stage of courtship? (4-3)
13Open to argument – is bead damaged on board? (9)
15Pulled badly when learner was missing two beats in the bar (5)
17Comes across stalk turning back around east (5)
19William, fed up, we hear, with hoarding (9)
21Stir paint, initially, into enamel, then select jury (7)
23Criticised Times Educational Supplement lying crumpled in road (7)
24Waved gun around nave in front of newspaperman without retribution (9)
25French priest keeps five to bend (5)
26Refined chap, smart one, perhaps – he guards the queen (9-2-4)
Clues down
1Opera in which mugger noted tram was broken down (15)
2Cabbage?  First of varieties, for example, placed on English table (9)
3Postman’s knock? (3-1-3)
4Green space seen in Genoa’s island (5)
5Raging gale?  Where?  (It has teeth!) (4-5)
6Irritated, wanted to hold beginner (7)
7Large animal in the money (5)
8This handle’s edge could produce a dizzy feeling (15)
14Insubstantial adhesive which you can blow up (6-3)
16Damaged psalter falls on queen – this hospital worker may be needed! (9)
18Ed leans out to get marine creature (4,3)
20Support lion?  It’s a panda! (4-3)
22Aircraft, we’re told, has no decoration (5)
23Sculptor putting up gold on row (5)

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