Crossword No 25

10                11           
12          13          14       
15      16        17          18   
20  21      22            23       
24            25    26           
27                28           

Clues across
8Commercial outlet in weeks before Christmas (6)
9Obtained without working, although working near dune (8)
10Crouched and occupied empty house (8)
11East gable is damaged by dog (6)
12Cataclysmic event makes world tremble (10)
14Vein of mineral ore – a large amount, we hear (4)
15Indian governor turns back on telephone engineer getting equipment for laboratory (4-3)
17Reorganise destiny to get degree of solidity (7)
20Pointed remark could get you hooked (4)
22Use this to pre-set appliance and measure speed of whip (4,6)
24Untidy chapís nape (6)
25Lied badly, wearing grey in a voracious manner (8)
27Number of letters taken from number of clue (8)
28Start polishing broken nails?  These are quite flat (6)
Clues down
1Sufficient and almost equal in present day, note (8)
2Trapped, losing power?  Turn back and quit! (6)
3Son loses hat?  No, the other way round – leave it alone! (4)
4Laid student body over time-indicator (7)
5Lessen beef, perhaps, to cause loss of strength (10)
6Leeds rat runs around works with foot (8)
7Satan, perhaps, disturbed whilst seizing first of enemies, utters this sort of threat (6)
13Expressed the size if quiet and confused (10)
16Toiled when our blade was broken (8)
18Coming to grips with cat turning up on monarch clutching leader of Lords (8)
19Suppose Iím sitting on top of a trap with first of elephants (7)
21Part of circle, given a twitch, becomes a circle (6)
23American state loses a native of another country (6)
26See portion of Khafreís pyramid (4)

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