Crossword No 26

11              12             
13            14      15    16     
17        18  19        20        21 
22    23          24             
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1In France, I confront beginner with falsehoods to obtain children’s desserts (7)
5Find quarters in tumbledown semi?  No, the other way round to get retribution! (7)
9Blocks and raises to third power (5)
10Fish and fruit only (5,4)
11Drew horse in awful dread (7)
12Jotter has stirred tea into pond (7)
13Garment?  Superfluous garment, we hear (9)
15It goes round in both directions (5)
17Dilapidated study is probably this (5)
19Finish nothing and provide room for action  – this will give you an internal view (9)
22Ships going by post? (7)
24Freeze and glance awkwardly around ring (7)
25Rate source of water for plant (9)
26Take in as guest, anyway (3,2)
27Feared the padre (a dedicated man) to some extent (7)
28‘Bed and the Lake’ presented by literary circle (7)
Clues down
1Sailor’s money turned over for bird (7)
2Places of reference could be provided by Blair, sire (9)
3Awareness of what’s not out of view (7)
4Thus cover has no internal cavities (5)
5Named no bird ‘Ted’ (9)
6Church wanted?  Clergyman has lost one! (7)
7In short, is pen a kitchen utensil? (5)
8Beginner in transmitter is tall and thin (7)
14Buy too many and drop seven, unfortunately (9)
16Sports car, perhaps, or tandem (3-6)
17Put down sop turning up, indeed! (7)
18Put unknown quantity on dilapidated deli with Edward, and gave up (7)
20Beats student organisation turning up for place to get a tan (7)
21Cut out fasteners within boundaries of Europe (7)
23Island’s unusual centre has no name (5)
24Spilt oil in cricket club, causing disorder (5)

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