Crossword No 28

11          12                 
13      14                     
15    16        17  18             
19                20      21     
22                  25        24 
25              26             

Clues across
9Romeo, upset about two lines, gets soaked in brandy (7)
10Oval placed otherwise around cheek (7)
11Died after losing daughter in outskirts of Ambérieu (in France).  Goodbye! (5)
12Rosemary perhaps has a leaning towards dispenser of alternative medicines (9)
13High-ranking army officer turns wheel (3)
14Found in barn – stops banter (5-6)
15Strides around the French royal residences (7)
18Hooray!  I love writing another ‘Goodbye!’ (7)
19Relict keeps nails, initially, on shelf to provide support for outward-looking types (6-5)
21Cry: ‘Impolite expression in USA’ (3)
22I spun cent round archer displaying brain-power (9)
23Weapon seen when unpleasant American turns on leading European (5)
25Sea-bird used in meal without starter, going on for ever (7)
26Amusing, exchanging leaders of Mormons and Normans, and coming to a point (7)
Clues down
1Girl followed Pip every afternoon during World War 1 (4)
2Broken New York grid is losing water (6)
3Dream of noisy bird in cold country (5-6-4)
4A shop I wrecked for a girl (6)
5In confusion, certifier omits low exam grade – that’s super! (8)
6Hedonistic enjoyment – to look at monarch (8-7)
7Salesman’s turned up holding dressing – to cover wound caused by this? (8)
8Explosive device causes bee, we’re told, to tremble (6-4)
13Advertising agent has to imitate author (10)
16Drag out the English, out of order in the environs of London (8)
17Soil thrown over Len in a glum fashion (8)
20Find plain-clothes policeman I’ve lost (6)
21Pain in side, which cyclist itches to cure (6)
24After removing head, skins fish (4)

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