Crossword No 29

11                  12         
13          14    15        16     
17        18          19        20 
21    22      23                 
24                  25         

Clues across
1Nevertheless, is this how trousers get creased? (15)
9Hears attempts (5)
10Water pouring down on battered tan Morris (9)
11Stony-broke, but put stuff here to find solution (9)
12Soldier turns back on card game in cold house (5)
13Stabs and inserts patches (5)
14Unfair advantage will make boss jump (4,5)
17Put down cards in crew’s quarters (5,4)
19Bristle – not British fibre (5)
21Rice, perhaps, showing up in wood (5)
23Permission for play (9)
24Oh, the coat’s in tatters – what a pain! (9)
25Establish by law and take part (5)
26Porter in a tar-pit?  His clients have to sit (8,7)
Clues down
1No rough night produces absolute zero (7)
2Identical siblings staff this sort of ship (4-5)
3I have lesson about what to wear in shoes (7)
4Animals till the ground – wearing several like this (9)
5Foolish person gets hold of head of school in confidence trick (5)
6Videos for adult viewing create bad stains around start of evening (7)
7Shell employees are packed like sardines (2,3)
8Worn when dealing with foot-and-mouth? (7)
15Ken leaped awkwardly to say: “When mud’s like this, 8's are useful” (5-4)
16Servant to wait on insect (9)
17Get pipe going and switch on lamps (5,2)
18American stock-breeder managed pop-star (7)
19Middle Easterner is almost genuine one (7)
20Type of seat to appreciate when there’s a crisis in the air (7)
22Mail not right for love (5)
23Play in the Channel Islands – by no means spineless! (5)

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