Crossword No 31

10                11           
12          13          14       
15      16        17          18   
20  21      22            23       
24            25    26           
27                28           

Clues across
8Escort grins at first when given broken-down house in northern latitudes (6)
9Joint not started, held by unfortunate Dane smeared with oil (8)
10A radio?  RT?  When broken, it gives out heat (8)
11Stole – arrested (6)
12Cars – reporters surround bad batch (10)
14Back-stab?  Thatís crazy! (4)
15A reminder of me to men, perhaps (7)
17Ogre a soldier got into a state (7)
20Animal retreats holding bit of light mineral (4)
22Previous partner has site for large public display (10)
24Quiet man accompanying bride is mutilated in organised massacre (6)
25Sounds like I shout for dessert (3,5)
27Open fist when relative has no coins handy, initially (8)
28Remove water round ear?  How tedious! (6)
Clues down
1Clergyman has plenty of time to stay here (8)
2Where youíll find a ram, a bull and a goat (6)
3Meeting held in secret when too many turn up (4)
4Yokel in Scottish town?  No, just the reverse – this is what he may be building (7)
5Kids grunt so?  Yes, when upset! (10)
6Ran back south, perhaps, to find a place for a bite (5,3)
7Umpire caught in wager is deprived of loved one (6)
13Inclination to cover extra-terrestrial period.  Is this all to the good? (10)
16Surround ring under conflicting directions (8)
18I told Ray about this type of worship (8)
19Honest post (7)
21A circle nearby (6)
23Hot, itís put on the table; cold, itís a cure (6)
26Man in a whirlpool (4)

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